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Capgemini and Copado

The partnership to transform Salesforce implementations

Agility is crucial for business today. Time to market is the difference between profit and loss. And don’t forget delivery must be secure too. However, many SaaS delivery projects can take too long to deliver – even when using Salesforce. And that’s why Capgemini has launched a business venture with Copado.

“Copado’s ability to provide a consistent development and deployment process is a strong assurance for client success and a key to get to the heart of the app governance.”

Andrew Smith, Vice President CSS, Capgemini

Introducing Copado

Copado is the first DevOps and Testing platform built for the low code SaaS world. It’s also built 100% natively on Salesforce – helping customers achieve more value faster, and in a safer way. Founded in 2013, Copado now has close to 600 employees based in 20 countries, which is a real indicator of its success so far.

Empowering businesses to innovate at speed, Copado helps customers manage every part of the development lifecycle. It leverages quality-driven testing with AI-powered test automation for Salesforce success.

Why we’re partners

Despite continuing to lead the way in digital transformation, Salesforce can often feel slow and technically complex for businesses looking to get to market fast. Copado, however, has identified an opportunity to enable faster, error-free releases with a common system to manage development across clouds like MuleSoft, Heroku, Salesforce, and Google.

At Capgemini, we’re therefore combining our capabilities to help industrialize and normalize DevOps practices – and help customers deliver more with less. Together, we’re driving platform stability to optimize performance at scale, delivering express success to organizations of all sizes.

What we love about Copado

We collaborate as part of our corporate ventures initiative

To deliver comprehensive solutions related to the Salesforce ecosystem

We use Copado as a de facto toolset/DevOps component

Of our Salesforce-related client proposals

We make the best use of Salesforce

Together – building new revenue streams for customers while reducing risks

We offer secure delivery and faster time to market

To help to improve the quality of our service delivery

We ensure customers can be more competitive

In some cases taking over poorly-performing projects

Copado is the number one DevOps and Testing tool for SaaS applications and has over 599 trained/certified Copado specialists.

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