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Business Technology


Business technology empowers the modern enterprise, its people, organization, and processes. Now, more than ever, this technology must enable resilience and agility, with investment in scalable, cloud-native solutions that have sustainability at their core.

Technology evolves at a phenomenal pace. Its impact on business operations can be disruptive. Yet it also creates new value with operational benefits that go far beyond IT, from cost control and risk management to a differentiating employee experience.

Organizations investing in scalable, agile, cloud-native solutions are proven to be more resilient in the face of disruption. They embed sustainability in their operations and create new data-driven services.

We help to accelerate this transition to agile operating models, enabling cloud transformation, technology innovation, and a digital workplace built on trust and security. To succeed in their transformation journey, organization functions cannot be siloed. We transform practices and culture to make your business and IT functions work together to deliver value rapidly. We’ll further help you optimize your IT costs to ensure competitive advantage.

“In today’s disruptive world, technology is the number one business enabler that organizations should embrace to support their strategic imperatives.”

Arnaud Balssa, Global Head of Business Technology, Capgemini Invent

    Sustainable IT

    IT leaders must both reduce their carbon footprint and become an enabler of positive climate action initiatives across the organization.

    Capgemini Invent

    Inventive IT

    Accelerate the digital revolution of your IT to position your business to thrive and innovate on digitalization.

    Capgemini Invent

    Reinventing Work

    The rate of change is accelerating. It’s time to embrace the shifting organization landscape and build an adaptive and people-centric future.

    Capgemini Invent

      What we do

      As more and more organizations accelerate their cloud transformation journeys, we design and scale cloud-first strategies to address new business challenges.

      As an enabler of business growth, cloud is a profound change in the IT/business engagement model, including governance, organization, processes, roles, and skills. Understandably, this demands both a focus on human-centric change management and insight into cloud adoption best practices.

      We help organizations accelerate their transition to cloud, building cloud-native applications and data platforms, defining strategy, analyzing the maturity of an organization for a move to cloud, and creating cloud roadmaps.

      We identify the impact of cloud, define the business case for a solid return on investment, and implement the new operating models needed to get you there.

      How and where your employees work is being transformed. We maximize the everyday value of your people by deploying disruptive digital enablers, new ways of working, and digital workspaces.

      For your employees to thrive in today’s digital world, you need a digital workplace that empowers them to create, collaborate, and communicate easily. A place where they are equipped with the tools they need to add true value to your organization.

      We work with you to build a comprehensive blueprint for your digital workplace transformation projects, from defining your ambition, to ensuring your workforce has the workstations, applications, and tools to collaborate in an agile and secure environment. Your culture too will change, and we transform the processes that are part of your company’s core expertise while supporting communication between teams.

      An agile IT organization speeds time to market with new products and services centered on customers’ changing expectations. We help to accelerate your transformation journey with an agile operating model.

      Agile delivery characterizes the new world of digital IT. It’s a world where agility and flexibility enable you to maintain a high velocity of change, reducing time to market with customer-centric products and services.

      This agility is fast becoming the norm. CIOs have no option but to transform their technology and operating models to better capture customers’ demands and rapidly adapt to change.

      This requires new expertise in designing and implementing transformation, with a vision and roadmap to accelerate time to market and a granular understanding of both business and IT target needs.

      This is how we create the foundation for agility, innovation, disruption, and growth. From developing a hybrid-cloud strategy, and helping clients to deliver it, to IT cost optimization and customer centricity, this is digital IT acceleration.

      Business technology powers innovation. We evaluate the impact of emerging technologies, create new platforms, and leverage connected and augmented technologies to transform the business value chain.

      Technology is changing the way companies innovate and address new or unexpected business opportunities. A dynamic innovation lifecycle is characterized by a balance between innovation labs, partner ecosystems, and an industrialized move to production process. This dynamism is reflected in the speed at which new technology matures and innovation scales, and in the growing impact of technology on business performance.

      We help you to seize this technology innovation opportunity at speed and scale. How? We build the foundation of your technology transformation roadmap and execute industry-specific technology vision by drawing on innovation hubs and our expertise in emerging technologies. So, you won’t miss the “next big tech”.

      Cyber-resilience is everything for the digital enterprise. We enable digital trust and security through strategy, culture, and cybersecurity platforms that give people the confidence to use new digital capabilities.

      New digital businesses and technology platforms are emerging every day. Ensuring your employees, partners, and customers truly benefit from the opportunities they create demands digital trust and security. Organizations must demonstrate a mature digital security posture and forward-looking approach to become ambassadors for global trust.

      We bring together expertise in digital security strategy and culture, cyber-resilience, change management, and technology innovation to build this trust. We work collaboratively to help you manage your business risks while enabling transformation. This ensures your employees, customers, and other stakeholders have complete trust in the digital tools and channels that are transforming your business today.

      CIOs face diverse challenges in their cost reduction initiatives and M&A transactions but there is an opportunity to turn these into value creation and innovation.

      With trends such as cloud and agile delivery adding complexity to multi-layered IT environments, mastering both the operational and financial performance of IT has become a CxO challenge. This is further exacerbated in merger and acquisition (M&A) activity where IT plays a vital role in delivering value.

      We support your IT budgeting process and IT business model optimization while implementing appropriate IT financial management (ITFM) tooling. Furthermore, our M&A transaction expertise enables us to support seamless technology carve-out and integration using technology due diligence, and post-merger IT support. We help you to identify both IT synergies and the technology risks and benefits of a potential acquisition to ensure that new companies are technically integrated in a fast and seamless way.

      Meet our experts

      Arnaud Balssa

      EVP, Business Technology global leader at Capgemini Invent

      Sandeep Kumar

      Expert in Digital Transformation
      “When we develop citizen services, we apply what we’ve learnt from over 10 years of delivering human-centered digital services for governments globally. In doing so, we can take clients a step closer to their North Star: a life-event framework that truly puts citizens at the center.”

      Sarah Pope

      Head of Business Technology, Capgemini Invent North America
      Sarah is a passionate leader in Enterprise Transformation, driving tech innovation and new digital platforms. She always puts people and culture first, applying a human-centric approach to the ambitions and transformation strategies to realize the full potential of emerging and impactful technologies.

      Nicolas Gaudilliere

      Chief Technology Officer, Capgemini Invent
      A CentraleSupelec engineer, Nicolas started his career in the 2000s. He initially worked as a cybersecurity consultant, before helping to set up Cloud service platforms for telecom operators and major integrators. In 2015, he joined Capgemini Invent as CTO to focus on the organizational and human transformations required for adopting numerous technological innovations such as IoT, cloud, AI, blockchain, 5G, and quantum. Today, Nicolas oversees the Telco, Media, and tech sector, supporting customers in optimizing their business strategy to seize new growth opportunities, streamlining their industrial models, and expanding their technological innovation policy, all while helping them achieve their sustainable development goals.