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TechnoVision 2021 – Be like water

TechnoVision 2021 explains how your business can execute adjustments seamlessly, transforming both business and technology in an unending flow.

The only certainty in our modern world of almost constant change is that technology will continue to play a pivotal role in helping business leaders deal with a flurry of unpredictable events and opportunities.

So how can you use digital systems and services to give your businesses a competitive advantage in these fast-changing times? The answer, suggests our TechnoVision 2021 report, is to be like water.

TechnoVision 2021 – the 13th edition of our annual technology guide – is here to help you create a fluid Technology Business that can adjust to new challenges and exploit the opportunities that arise.

The recent past has involved a life-altering pandemic, socio-economic instability and rapid environmental change. The near future will involve a similarly complex mix of challenges, including technology-led transformation.

While the requirement to keep pace with technology will be a test in itself, emerging digital systems and services will also play a crucial role in helping business leaders to not only deal with the complexity they face but to help their organizations innovate and thrive.

From infrastructure and applications, via data and processes, all the way to user experience and collaboration, senior executives have the opportunity to use emerging trends in information technology to help set the direction of travel for their businesses. The key to success will to be like water.

By crafting technology strategies, architectures and solutions that are shapeless and formless, yet always flowing – just like water – businesses can go beyond being ‘simply’ agile, speedy and responsive. TechnoVision 2021 explains how your business can execute adjustments seamlessly, transforming both business and technology in an unending flow.

StratOps thinking: A fluent approach for complex times

We refer to this fluent form of execution in the modern Technology Business as StratOps – the application of DevOps-style thinking across the enterprise to achieve continuous strategy development and delivery.

If your organization adopts a StratOps approach, it will be able to deal in equal measure with shifting business contexts, fresh challenges and arising opportunities. A StratOps enterprise will be renewable, morphing to a new state easily, and it will be portable, readjusting to external changes smoothly.

Whatever choppy seas it encounters, your fluid, water-like business will be able to embrace future technology trends – be it artificial intelligence, virtual reality or even quantum computing – to wrap its resources around the use cases it finds.

TechnoVision 2021: What we can do for you

TechnoVision 2021 outlines the latest digital technology trends and innovations, placing them – through use cases, stories and cultural references – within a modern business context of endless complexity and constant change.

Through our consultancy and our expert resources, we can help you create a pathway to success for your business. Across 37 building blocks, our domain experts describe the key technology trends that will impact your enterprise, the people that work within in it, and the customers that your serve.

More change is coming – the complexity will only increase. But you don’t have to feel like you’re swimming against the tide. We can help you be like water and flow seamlessly towards a brighter, more successful future.

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