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Accelerate your transformation with a new operating model that underpins organization strategy and purpose, empowers your people and leaders, and reinvents HR’s role in the business.

The Future of Work has arrived, accelerated by the global pandemic, during which organizations’ adaptability has been put to the test. Everything has been questioned — from how, where, and even when employees work, to the way in which they engage with customers, and how they collaborate to get new products to market fast. In this context, HR plays a crucial role in supporting business change and growth.

We work with business and HR leaders to co-create people strategy and organization purpose. Together, we design digital and sustainable organizations — from effective portfolio and program leadership, to supporting the transition of employees to new ways of working and enabling people to make a tangible social impact.

HR equips the business with the information and insights it needs to make vital strategic people decisions — ideally in real time. A talent-centric and data-powered HR function is essential to underpin the transition to the new world of work in which people “management” ceases to be merely a support function, and becomes a core business contributor.

We help HR to reinvent itself, using real-time data to rethink employee experience and stay focused on the human side of business transformation. From strategy to implementation we transition HR to being the engine of your organization.

“Organizations with a high level of mastery across digital and leadership capabilities are widening the gap between themselves and their competitors.”

Capgemini Research Institute – Digital Mastery 2020

Reinventing Work

The rate of change is accelerating. It’s time to embrace the shifting organization landscape and build an adaptive and people-centric future.

Capgemini Invent

What we do

To survive and thrive, companies must design new organization strategies that align with a purpose in which employees and customers alike believe.

Organizations need a purpose to stay relevant in today’s world. It is the foundation upon which a new model for innovating, designing, and transforming modern business is built. Employees and customers are increasingly sustainability conscious. They want to work for or buy from companies with a defined purpose that embraces planet and people, not just profit.

We help to make this happen with a new organization vision, structure, governance, capabilities, and culture. But we don’t stop there. We work with you to identify and implement what you need to achieve your purpose — embedding social impact, diversity, and sustainability into an organization-wide ambition.

Our program managers help you to accelerate change by becoming an agile organization, enabling you to seize the digital opportunities you need to be purpose-led day in, day out.

Skills are the new business currency. Achieving consistent growth depends on equipping your people with appropriate skills augmented with modern technologies to enable new ways of working.

How do you successfully navigate your talent through the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation? It’s important to design a winning formula around the right mix of people and AI, where digital technology improves productivity, reduces employee costs, minimizes human error, and makes the workplace a better place to be.

We help organizations make this transition in a way that creates trust and engagement. We assess the impact of automation on the workforce and identify the jobs and skills needed for digital leadership. We put in place new talent infrastructures governing recruitment, rightsizing, and training to support continuous development or a transition into second careers. And, we help your people to adapt to new ways of working.

HR must use data-rich insights to match people competencies with changing corporate needs while enabling employees to adapt to new, digital ways of working.

HR must become a true business partner as organizations ramp up their adaptability to internal and external challenges. Digitalization opens new and exciting possibilities, but change can be difficult. That’s where people management helps. It plays an important role in how employees adapt to technological and cultural changes.

In turn, HR must ask itself some searching questions about how to match its often outdated people management process to the demands of a transitioning workforce. What does it take to formulate an HR strategy aligned with corporate goals? What workforce solutions does a new multi-generation demographic require, with diverging working and development demands? Can HR benefit from using cloud solutions and analyzing data for more effective service delivery?

We help to answer all these questions — and more — from strategy to implementation as we transition HR to being the engine of your organization.

It’s not what you do, but how you do it. Transformation is never easy, but intelligent data-driven program management and human-centered change management design make all the difference.

To bring to life your workforce and organizational transformation, you must first identify the right portfolio of initiatives, setting the foundation for change. That’s the role of program management — and it puts people and data at the center of your transformation.

Research shows engaged employees are far more likely to go beyond what is expected of them or to stay late when something needs to be done. Little wonder organizations with high employee engagement show a marked increase in operating income and high growth in earnings per share.

With intelligent data-driven program management, you can define the right structures, identify the risks, and engage your people in the process of change. What leadership skills must you develop to accelerate change? How do you create engagement in times of change exhaustion? Can you leverage the AI tools and process evolutions needed to improve and maximize the impact of your transformation?

We help to answer these questions by applying design thinking and agile methodology to leadership, learning, and how we create business impact by accelerating change.

Client stories

Our experts

Claudia Crummenerl

Global Head of Workforce and Organization, Capgemini Invent
Recognizing the importance of people in business transformation, Claudia works with clients to reinvent the employee experience through data and technology. She uses her expertise in the people perspective of digital to understand how leadership in the digital age is evolving, how talent and workforce productivity can be transformed through automation and AI, and how to effectively engage employees throughout the transformation process.