Gautam Gandha

Consultant, Digital Strategy, Sydney

I love tackling new, exciting problems. I ace delivering insights to clients.

Describe your current role at Capgemini.

I’m currently a consultant in the Digital Strategy and Transformation team, more specifically Digital Operations and I’ve been at Capgemini for around 2 and half years. It’s tough to condense the role into one sentence, but it largely involves working collaboratively with our clients to co-design the best solution to their problem. Whether that means recommendations or an actual tangible output is dependant on the client and the situation! When I describe the job to my friends and family, I typically explain to them that we try to understand the business problem first and foremost, then begin to shape a recommendation or solution enabled by technology.

Explain a day in the life at Capgemini.

The nature of the job has you working on a variety of topics and projects in a short period. It sounds super cliched, but there are no two days which are entirely the same! However, what does stay very consistent is the amount of support and the positive energy which is in our project teams or in the office daily. Consulting is mostly about people, and Capgemini has some awesome people.

What do you love most about your job?

I think the most exciting part of the job is the amount of freedom and autonomy you’re afforded. What that means is that you’re able to shape the work you deliver, and therefore you get a unique sense of satisfaction since you’re directly contributing to your team’s success very early on in your career. This also translates into you being able to drive your career and try and push for projects and learning opportunities you’re passionate about or interested in.

How does Capgemini help support your career growth and aspirations?

Capgemini does an awesome job supporting your growth and aspirations in a variety of ways. The most basic is that at the start of each engagement, you’ll get some time with your manager to agree on what you want to achieve on the projects from a personal development perspective, I’ve always found this extremely useful. Another way is every consultant at Capgemini is assigned a “reviewer” you can think of them as your go-to person for career development advice and typically they’re a more senior person who has a similar role to you in the organisation.

How would you describe the culture at Capgemini?

Capgemini has an amazing culture, and that boils down to the people aspect of the business which is one of our strongest assets. Outside of work, I’ve made friends at Capgemini who are some of my good mates. It’s pretty amazing that the people I work with share so many of the same values as I do and that’s why we get along. At Capgemini we have 7 core values, the ones which I resonate with the most are probably “fun” and “team spirit” and I think you’ll find a lot of graduates agree with me here!

What advice would you give to grads wanting to break into the IT consulting industry?

There are a few parts of the business that we have, some of it more management consulting, and some of it is more on the ground configuration and coding. When you’re applying for the job, try and figure out best where you’d like to sit within Capgemini and work towards that.

Gautam Gandha