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We are proud of our purpose to serve our communities and planet with a dedicated social and sustainability practice: Social Innovators. This practice emerged from our people’s passion to contribute to societal causes, from our clients’ strategic objectives leaning towards social engagement and sustainability, from our Corporate Social Responsibility commitment to support digital inclusion, diversity and environmental sustainability.

Who we are

We are purpose-driven strategists, storytellers, app developers, business and technology practitioners who believe in the power of small acts to create big changes. We provide strategy and technology consulting to not-for-profit organisations to support good causes and to corporate organisations with a strong social or sustainability purpose. We support our clients to deliver game-changing value propositions and to move towards a triple bottom line approach with a focus on profit, people and planet.

With our clients, we are architects of positive futures

Our vision is to create an ecosystem of shared values with our corporate clients, not-for-profit organisations and social entrepreneurs.

Our mission is to leverage Capgemini’s expertise, experience, skills and capabilities to help our clients maximise their social and sustainable impact.

Our Playground

At the intersection of the private, public and social sectors we witness an emergence of a new sector: “the profit for purpose organisations”. We believe that they are the game changers of tomorrow. To become game changers organisations need to master two sets of capabilities:

  • Business and digital capabilities, and
  • Social & sustainable impact capabilities.

Most not-for-profit organisations are driven by purpose and have strong social and sustainable impact capabilities. Whereas, most corporate organisations are driven by profit and have strong business and digital capabilities:

  • How could corporate organisations build game-changing value propositions while maximising both their financial results and their impact on people and the planet?
  • How could not-for-profit organisations build robust strategies and further leverage data and digital technologies to scale their impact?
  • How could those organisations learn from social entrepreneurs, build a flair for disruption and innovate with intent?

Our Social Innovators support and connect corporate clients, not-for-profit organisations and social entrepreneurs to maximise their impact and help them become “game changers” with a focus on the triple bottom line: people, planet and profit.

We help our clients combine the mind, the heart and the gut to become game changers: embedding a profit for purpose approach with a flair for disruption.

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