Inventive Finance Risk & Compliance

Increase your bank’s competitiveness while cutting costs and risks with Inventive Finance, Risk and Compliance

Would you like your Finance, Risk, and Compliance (FRC) department to lower risk, reduce costs by 5-15%, and increase the agility of the business as a whole? All that is achievable through a new approach to exploiting FRC data capabilities.

FRC departments already know they need to move fast to stay compliant at minimum cost. But today that’s not enough. To achieve their full potential, FRC departments should also help their entire organizations to compete through digital innovation.

Isn’t this a lot to ask of an already busy FRC department? The key lies in building a data foundry, or extending an existing one, to create a new management framework – a framework that helps the entire organization to become increasingly service-centric and to bring extra efficiency to its processes. The same management framework will also guarantee continued and ever more effective fulfillment of FRC regulatory requirements.

Our expertise in Finance, Risk, and Compliance

Capgemini Invent has developed an offer called Inventive Finance, Risk and Compliance to streamline implementation of this approach. Collaborate with us and you’ll find we have already done a lot of the work before the engagement starts. We know how to apply the approach in specific FRC areas, including credit risk, operational risk, compliance, finance, and the data platform itself, and have developed a range of use cases and working prototypes for each area.

Off-the-shelf answers won’t do here. That’s because every bank’s FRC department, and indeed every function within an FRC department, needs its own tailored solutions. Instead, you can use our prototypes as catalysts for your creativity. Work with them and you’ll quickly see what’s possible, and what has already been done elsewhere.

Your FRC department will be on the way to helping the business compete through digital innovation, while becoming more efficient and effective itself.