Inventive IT

Simultaneous transformation will enable your thriving digital reality

Now is the time to thrive in the highly disruptive environment of digital transformation. Inventive IT simultaneously transforms your complex IT landscapes and organizations into a thriving digital IT reality that fosters new inventiveness and innovative business models, to deliver outstanding business results.

Welcome to a world of disruption

In the universal business environment, there are some hard truths to face. “Software is eating the world. Customer experience is king. Fast is the new normal. Data is the new oil. Platforms are the new holy grail. The next cyber-attack is today.”

In this disrupted world, Proofs of Concept (POCs) are the fastest way to test new solutions, but often these fail to scale and deliver real business outcomes. Traditional ways of leading transformations are no longer viable. To generate business value, visionary CIOs must transform their technology and operating model simultaneously, entering a new paradigm.

We call this new paradigm Inventive IT.

Your journey towards Inventive IT

We accelerate your journey towards Inventive IT with our innovative approach to transforming your organization and its technology together. Delivering your optimum future state that will enable you to be competitive and successful.

We believe CIOs will only achieve remarkable results if they take an inventive approach to transformation and to their digital futures. We enable this transformation to Inventive IT with our unique ecosystem architecture and an agile, industrial operating model. Combined with our expertise in transformation and implementation, this accelerates your digital journey at speed and scale.

Six ways to start your transformation towards Inventive IT

  • Frame your IT & Technology Innovation Strategy
  • Scale Agile across the organisation
  • Make Cloud a success
  • Design, set up and scale Digital Factories
  • Leverage Digital Workplace solutions
  • Reduce IT Costs

Success Stories

Major rail company One of the top 10 global banks
We designed and implemented their cloud transformation journey that enabled them to:

  • identify and deliver new business use cases with new technology
  • leverage data and AI to fuel innovative business model and growth
We framed, steered, and implemented an enterprise-wide IT transformation program that:

  • enhanced their customer journey
  • digitalized client interactions
  • streamlined back-office activities
  • and improved agility


As your partner, we’ll work hand-in-hand, committing to the success of your digital transformation journey towards Inventive IT and securing a new, inventive foundation for a robust digital future.

Inventive IT is a digital reality that breathes inventiveness.

Create your bespoke transformation roadmap, focusing on delivering business value from new technology and reinvention. Foster innovation through industrialized innovation labs and leveraging Capgemini's Applied Innovation Exchange (AIE) network.

Emerging Technology & Innovation

Emerging Technology & Innovation

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