Digital Factory

From experimentations to production in months, not years

The pace of digital disruption is fundamentally reshaping the market dynamics in every industry sector. The leaders are setting new digital standards and raising the bar for the rest to follow. To be successful, companies must reinvent their approach to realizing business value from new technology adoption.

Building and scaling your Digital Factory

It is no longer enough to experiment and accelerate digital delivery to adapt to new IT and business paradigms. More than this, companies need a robust strategy to scale their deployments at speed and achieve the outcomes promised by new technology.

Launching in-house Digital Factories has become a common strategy to accelerate digital adoption. These Digital Factories provide end-to-end capabilities to develop and deploy digital products and services. To do so, they are based on customer centricity, Agile delivery and startup thinking.

But how do you scale these Digital Factories from myriad pilots to an industrialized and value-driven delivery?

Digital Factories are complex assets that rely on the below three pillars:

  • End-to-end digital delivery, from ideation and design to service launch

  • New organizations and approaches based on startup thinking

  • A strong technology platform, to transform and digitize production as well as operations

Capturing the full value of a Digital Factory requires much more than the implementation of these three pillars. It is also a profound change addressing underlying issues linked to the ability to deliver value through a new operating model, to embody agile management and culture, to adopt new ways of working, to attract and retain talent, and to engage IT in embracing new technologies, such as AI or robotics.

Only by getting all of this right, will you scale your Digital Factories.

Getting you ahead of the game

At Capgemini Invent, we’re helping digital leaders to jump-start, diagnose and manage their Digital Factories day in, day out.

If you’re looking to do the same, we can advise you in six core areas:

  • Strategy & vision, based on extensive experience and market best-practices
  • Organization & operating model, based on Agile and DevOps at scale, as well as Product centricity
  • Performance analysis, through maturity assessment and benchmarks
  • End-to-end digital execution, from design to full scale implementation and maintenance
  • Production & operations, to bring down costs and increase product quality
  • HR dimensions: sourcing strategy, training, upskilling, recruitment and retention

All of these will ensure you build, maintain and scale Digital Factories that enable you to breathe inventiveness throughout your digital landscape.

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