Insights & Data for Public Sector

Deliver better public services, more quickly and cost effectively by unlocking the value in your data. Online transactions, and mobile and connected devices are generating a wealth of data; Capgemini helps governments use it to place their citizens’ at the heart of public services.

More than ever the pressure is on to reduce costs and improve services. Data, and the insights that can be derived from that data, can provide the tools to do this. They enable governments to understand their citizens’ needs, combat fraud and error in the systems, and improve operations. But unlocking those insights is hard. Existing data analysis infrastructures are inflexible and processes slow.

At the same time, new big data and analytical technology is promising the ability to tap into that data at a very affordable cost. But making that transition is not easy; it still needs to be done in a secure and reliable way that doesn’t compromise organizational integrity.

Insights & Data enables governments and public sector organizations to offer effective and secure digital public services and respond more quickly and accurately to customers’ and citizens’ needs. We help the public sector gain real insight and value from their data.

Our solutions are suited to a wide range of public sector areas including:

  • Cities and regional government:We help local government bodies manage costs, optimize services, manage infrastructure smartly and build performance management frameworks that create and show value to all stakeholders
  • Tax and welfare:We use advanced predictive analysis techniques to detect fraud and maximize collection through optimized and cost effective customer contact programs
  • Public security:We deploy advanced analytical techniques with software partners Palantir and SAS, to support a wide range of public security operations
  • Healthcare:We handle all aspects of information challenges, from core information management to patient information exchange to bringing clarity and insight to clinical performance
  • Defense:We make sense of complex logistics information tracking and data security to deliver best-in-class performance
  • Education:We help optimize curriculums and course performance to get the most value from the available resources.

Getting the most from your data

At Capgemini, we understand that each public sector area has its own set of issues regarding information. We have experts in each area who can provide you with the necessary critical help and advice.

The starting point on this improvement journey is with our “Intelligent Enterprise” offering. This methodology uses a set of focus interviews and workshops that help you prioritize the informational needs and challenges within your organization.

With a clear vision as the foundation, we help develop and plan a  custom roadmap for each organization with a carefully chosen pick-and-plan approach from the ready proven basket of our effective business information management solutions consisting of our accelerators, innovative frameworks, sector best practices and delivery experience. These elements combine to ensure rapid implementation and fast return on investment.

Understanding the Public Sector information challenges

Capgemini has worked with all types of public sector organizations. We have helped local governments manage costs and optimize services. Additionally, central governments have called upon us for aid in handling the complexities of defense logistics, tax collection and healthcare provision.

Success Stories: