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Engineer your Digital Future

Ushering in a new era of Digital Engineering and Manufacturing

Exponential technology changes such as the Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, Pervasive Intelligence, “software defined,” and the physical and digital integration have shifted expectations regarding product functionality. Today, the way products and the services around them are designed, manufactured, and consumed is driving the evolution of business models and redefining value chains.

Through global centers of expertise, we engage with you to build successful products, manufacturing operations, and services in an increasingly connected world. Our expertise in the core solution interventions is made scalable through our Rightshore® delivery model.

Our experts work with your teams to identify opportunities to innovate and develop tailor-made solutions for your requirements. We believe that this human-centered approach to technology is what makes the difference for your business. We call this the Capgemini Effect.

LEADING the convergence of the physical and digital worlds

Intelligent Industry

  • We are pioneering data centric and collaborative ways of designing, engineering, manufacturing and supporting products, assets and services
  • Leveraging exponential technologies to create more value
  • Driving the convergence of the OT-IT to transform how products are built, manufactured and deployed

Transform with Digital

  • Shift from product to product-as-a-service
  • Transform core multi-disciplinary engineering with next generation technologies
  • Transform manufacturing with Industry 4.0
  • Address new connectivity needs through 5G
  • Optimize global engineering models for skills and cost

Engineering at Core

  • Deep domain expertise to lead the convergence of the physical and digital worlds
  • Consulting, technology, and assets-led solutions
  • Shaping industry trends with the right blend of industry and technology expertise
  • Enable companies to unlock the true potential of their product portfolios and manufacturing efficiencies

Digital Engineering solutions that “Optimize the Old” and “Accelerate the New”

Capgemini has successfully delivered results across industries. Our portfolio helps shape industry trends like autonomous aircraft systems, connected vehicles, sustainable energy, intelligent healthcare, smart manufacturing, and hybrid infrastructure. Every aspect of product engineering, continued development, and manufacturing demands enhanced scrutiny and creative disruption.

Digital Manufacturing

Digital Manufacturing

Our services help to steer your digital transformation journey to smart, connected products...

IoT and Connected Products

IoT and Connected Products

Driving the product-as-a-service economy

Smart Engineering

Smart Engineering

Leverage Next Generation Technologies for Core Engineering

Our Partner Ecosystem

Dell Technologies
Dassault Systèmes
GE Digital

Meet our experts

Gita Babaria

Expert in designing and implementing strategic transformational IOT and IT initiatives.

Mihir Punjabi

Expert in Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive AI, Digital Assistants, Swarm Intelligence, Edge Intelligence

Kedar Pimplikar

Expert in Innovation Strategy, Aeronautics and PLM

Vivek Jaykrishnan

Expert in Agile Testing, Cognitive QA, DevOps, Product Verification and Validation

Christophe Vidal

I help our industry clients accelerate their time to market and improve product quality through simulation.

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