Finance Powered by Intelligent Automation

As the traditional boundaries within the C-suite change, how does the boardroom, and specifically the CFO, focus on the transformation required to introduce new business models and create more intimate, intelligent relationships with its end consumers?

The Changing Shape of the Boardroom

These are exciting times for CFOs. There is growing anticipation in the boardroom that technology and automation will finally deliver the promise to connect business information and business performance.

This promise has the potential to be felt most by the Finance and Accounting (F&A) team, where emphasis on the customer is more concentrated and where there is growing anticipation that automation will power a paradigm shift in the boardroom’s ability to boost business performance.

However, to ensure that this balance is maintained, it is paramount for business leaders – particularly CFOs –  to have real-time understanding of their key performance indicators and the ability to focus on lean data delivery to ensure proactive planning capability, while maintaining focus on their end customer.

Drive Value across Your F&A through Leveraging Intelligent Automation

Your business can benefit from an intelligent solution that combines automation, digital platforms, know-how and insight to drive business value without compromising the service you provide to your customers, the assurance you bring to your shareholders and the service you receive from your suppliers.

Capgemini’s Finance Powered by Intelligent Automation reimagines credit-to-cash (C2C), procure-to-pay (P2P) and record-to-analyze (R2A) – promising the very best-in-class finance operations for your business by benchmarking your operations to ensure top performance, reducing your total cost of service and implementing a target operating model that actively supports your business.

Finance Powered by Intelligent Automation leverages Capgemini’s Automation Drive framework to add value to your finance function. The Automation Drive framework takes an “automation first” approach to understanding technology and is based on the observation that almost every solution in which artificial intelligence (AI) is involved consists of, what we term, the five senses of intelligent automation and they are key to how we are reimagining our clients’ finance function.

Leading the Way in F&A and Automation

Capgemini is uniquely positioned to help you reimagine your F&A for the automated age. As one of the world’s leading technology providers, we have a rich history of transformation, with renowned, market-leading F&A services underpinned by a strong tradition of innovation powered by Intelligent Automation.

This combination of technology, methodology and a deep pool of more than 15,000 finance and accounting experts – including tax, analytics and controller specialists – means that we work with you in a truly collaborative manner to deliver accelerated value, while minimizing risk to your business. We have already worked with a range of global clients across many industry sectors to achieve some impressive results.

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Listen to a podcast in which Head of Business Transformation Services, Carole Murphy, explains how Finance Powered by Intelligent Automation evolved from Capgemini’s leading F&A offering.