Applications Unleashed

Show me your application services landscape and I’ll tell you about your company. In a world of parallel, digital realities this is more than ever true.

New solutions need to be delivered more rapidly and in various incarnations, as the very notion of “user interfaces” is rapidly melting away (‘Alexa, terminate my GUI’). And although minimum viable products are the norm – thanks to the start-up community – the quality of applications need to be enterprise-level, as the trust balance of the organization is at more risk than ever.

The new application landscape can be unleashed in three different ways:

– Existing applications need to be rationalized, simplified, consolidated and decommissioned. What may have once been differentiating solutions for organizational growth, are now all too often petrified, budget-devouring nuisances. Standard, industry-best-practice solutions from the cloud are a quick – though possibly disruptive – way to break the inertia. Loosely coupled layers on top of silo applications – through bots, APIs, robotic process automation – another.

– Existing applications can be augmented by adding a touch of “smart” to them. AI services in areas such as vision, speech, language, knowledge and predictive analytics are routinely available as webservices, so no need for application developers to dive deep into the alien world of deep learning, neural networks and computer linguistics.

– New applications are rapidly built and released in DevOps-style: in quick iterations between business and IT, leveraging micro-services, APIs, software containers, serverless computing and radically automated, high-productivity tools. Again, built-in analytics, cognitive / AI and smart contracts further add to both the corporate IQ and the trust balance of the enterprise.

Time to unleash the power. Applications Are Go!