The app-modernization manual: how to build a modernization strategy that works

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Chapter 3: Driving value from a modernized environment

Today’s market disruptions are pushing forward transformation initiatives faster than ever before. Companies need to become more agile and adaptive to handle unprecedented change.

IT plays a critical role in this environment. To enable digital business, companies need to transform their approach to the apps that are at the core of their operations.

Managing environments using traditional application development and support models does not provide the level of scalability that is required by modernized applications. Once architecture, technology, and organizational structure are updated, optimizing operations is the next step.

Modernized landscapes can deliver business value much faster, but they require management of a highly distributed ecosystem, from application features down to containers, platform, and infrastructure layers.

The app-modernization manual is designed to help businesses respond more quickly to customer needs and deliver at the speed of ideation. Chapter 3 focuses on driving value from a more modernized environment.

Read about how to build a modernization strategy that works.

Download chapter 3 of The app-modernization manual: “Driving value from a modernized environment.”

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