No Hands On Deck

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It wasn’t that long ago when the prospect of a self-driving car seemed implausible. Yet much like the self-driving car, the ultimate version of many products, services or processes will become autonomous, sooner or later.

Even if – like the self-driving car – it takes a bit longer than originally anticipated. But unlike the Black Pearl, there will be a time when ‘all hands on deck’ becomes a captain’s nightmare. Hands off, it’s time to learn about autonomy through not doing.



  • Applications of autonomous power for objects, processes, solutions and organizational elements


Apply development objectives, which, compared to the current situation:

  • Identify the right entities within the organization that could benefit from autonomous capabilities
  • Identify the data which makes autonomy possible
  • Identify the processes that are most suitable for autonomy
  • Create learning opportunities within automation, AI and other levers of autonomy (while reaping their early benefits)
  • Balance the role of humans (and their EQ) with the roles of autonomous systems


  • MAP of identified autonomy opportunities matching the Technology Business transformation agenda
  • LEARNINGS to be gained from ‘test-driving’ autonomous solutions