The power of frictionless in human resources

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A new approach to HR, frictionless human resources empowers employees to achieve more and create new value for the enterprise

Intelligent connectivity across a business is everything. Companies need seamless connections between processes and people to enable their teams to achieve the high standard of performance demanded by the modern economy. Becoming a frictionless enterprise is one solution for gaining a competitive edge.

Human resources departments have always placed people at the heart of the enterprise. A healthy workplace culture leads to happy employees who better serve customers and are motivated to succeed, increasing efficiency and the volume of positive interactions with the brand. But this alone is no longer enough in the digital age, especially when companies are challenged by economic volatility or a disruption.

As HR services and employee expectations continue to change, a robust digital platform is essential to provide the next-generation employee experiences that will retain today’s talent and attract tomorrow’s leaders. Companies need the support of a partner that specializes in innovation and transformation and can provide the correct blend of technologies for embarking on the right journey to a frictionless enterprise.

Capgemini sees frictionless human resources as the future of HR. It goes beyond a traditional transformation by addressing the needs of employees to the same extent as with customer-facing solutions, enabling them to achieve what they want in the manner they choose. From a platform perspective, frictionless human resources allows HR teams to better measure workload and performance, achieve faster turnaround times, and drive increases in first-call resolutions, with greater visibility throughout.

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