Enterprise architecture as a success factor in digital transformations

Digital Architecture Study 2020

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A look into the critical importance of enterprise architecture in driving innovation within the enterprise

An increasingly globalized, digital, and dynamic world is presenting new challenges for companies whose leaders need to understand the impact of technology on products, services, customers, and employees.

But how can companies handle more and more complex ecosystems and keep up the pace of innovation while ensuring sustainable technology decisions? Which capabilities does a company need to design and scale for the IT and business landscapes of the future?

Capgemini Invent’s Digital Architecture Study 2020 examines the current state and future role of enterprise architecture (EA) in innovation processes, its involvement in agile projects, and its potential within corporate social responsibility (CSR). Our findings have helped us determine the key benefits delivered by enterprise architects, how they need to evolve along with emerging technologies, and how they will play a greater role in CSR activities in the future.

Ultimately, there is an immediate need to establish a more technological, innovative, and agile form of thinking – all while finding new ways to truly unlock the benefits of the digital era for both new and existing business models, processes, and customer interactions. This raises the question of how EA and its experts can transform and drive a spearhead of innovation.

This year’s study aims to answer this question, while providing insights into the current and future role and importance of EA.

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