Connected Ecosystem for Effective & Efficient QA

Key Trends in Quality Assurance

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A key trend in the future of QA is the building of a connected ecosystem to bring everybody together speeding up the effectiveness and efficiency of the whole development process.

To adopt to new ways of working – such as Agile, bi-modal or uni-modal, many organisations have moved away from a horizontal, centralised testing function to a vertical model, aligned to business units, tribes or transaction cycles.

This new world order is either fully decentralised and aligned to verticals or to a hybrid, federated structure, where part of the QA/QE organisation acts as a quality centre of excellence (QCoE) responsible for quality control, governance, best practices and tooling management. As well as a QA Guild for specialised testing such as performance engineering, automation framework and security testing, there are pros and cons for each of these approaches.

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