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Dinand Tinholt

Expert in Analytics

Data-driven transformations can deliver great value to an organization and elevate the enterprise in competitive markets where every bit of advantage counts.

I am a Vice President at Capgemini’s Insights & Data global business line, responsible for the consumer products, retail, and distribution (CPRD) market in North America. Previously, I was a lead for our AI strategy and operating models and a part of our global insights-driven enterprise leadership team.

My daily work includes helping clients use data and analytics to improve their business performance and drive innovation in their products and services. I am passionate about helping organizations unlock the potential of their data to truly become data-driven enterprises.

Some of my recent work includes:

  • Delivering data transformations and multiple data infrastructure and cloud migrations for major consumer-goods companies in North America
  • Designing and implementing a data innovation Center of Excellence
  • Leading promotional effectiveness and pricing analytics projects for retailers.

I have experience working for global clients in a range of sectors beyond CPRD, including energy, automotive, aerospace, government, and manufacturing. I have been an advisor to multiple organizations and have helped them focus on digital strategy and improve their ability to leverage data and accelerate innovation.

I have great interest in photography, and I love hiking. I am also fluent in Dutch, and can hold conversations in German, French, and Indonesian.

Dinand Tinholt

My experience

Vice President @ Capgemini


Vice President @ Netherlands Competition Authority

11/30/2003 to 09/30/2008

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