RMIT creates a new educational experience with digital technology

With Capgemini as its partner, RMIT University undergoes an expansive digital transformation that redefines how students, staff, researchers, and alumni undergo higher education to create a simpler and more impactful experience.

Client: RMIT University

Region: Australia

Sector: Public Sector

Client Challenge: RMIT needed to adapt to the evolving needs of its students, staff, researchers, and alumni in order to provide a more comprehensive educational journey

Solution: In collaboration with Capgemini, RMIT developed and implemented a package of best-in-class digital solutions that delivered a set of updated tools and services to recreate the educational experience


  • Greater visibility of the educational journey
  • Easier connection between students and potential careers
  • Simplified digital options for selecting learning options
  • Improved focus on learners and career opportunities
  • Less administrative and manual work

Adapting education to a changing world

Modern education has entered a new era in which it faces a rapidly evolving workforce, new societal pressures, and a wide array of new technology and educational methodologies that must be utilized effectively. RMIT University, an international leader in professional and vocational education, applied research, and community engagement, understood the various pressures affecting the educational field and the innovation required to deliver a truly exceptional experience. The university knew that it needed to continue making substantial efforts to support the activities and journeys of its students and teachers based on these new developments.

While digital technology has advanced and impacted every industry and business around the world, it has had a similar impact within higher education. RMIT recognized the potential impact of targeted digitalization and decided to explore its opportunities to create a stronger educational experience that supported a more effective journey from the recruitment of new students all the way to continuing engagement of alumni. In order to find a solution that could maximize the impact of the technology in an educational environment, RMIT decided to partner with Capgemini due to the organization’s extensive history of developing customized and potent digital solutions.

Setting the foundation for transformation

RMIT and Capgemini began by outlining the desired student lifecycle and considering how digital technology could be incorporated into each step. This was largely broken down into three stages. First, the students were supposed to experience life changing experiences supported by digital access to a variety of pathways. Second, digital infrastructure needed to provide a structure that enabled passion with purpose through simpler processes and targeted use of analytics. Finally, RMIT needed new technology to help its students to shape the world by keeping them connected with various industries and communities throughout their journeys.

With this outline in place, the partners agreed upon a digital transformation roadmap to create a variety of solutions built upon best-in-class platforms and technology. This began with stakeholder engagement sessions that provided analysis of inputs and data to determine the key initiatives, challenges, and opportunities for digitalization. Based on these sessions, RMIT and Capgemini fully fleshed out the possibilities for enhancing student and staff journeys through digital transformation. The organizations then agreed upon an iterative process that utilized the functionalities of existing platforms to create unique experiences for all members of the university community while ensuring that the solutions were optimized prior to launch.

Digital technology redefines education

Following this roadmap, RMIT and Capgemini developed and implemented a number of digital solutions meant to modernize the student journey. These included a digital marketplace, which was the result of multiple, integrated systems and allows students to find and select a wide range of study options. RMIT and Capgemini also developed a new relationship management system based on Salesforce technology. This system provides a comprehensive view of prospects, students, alumni, and industry. Additionally, RMIT and Capgemini developed an AI assistant to provide students with further guidance more quickly over their phones. Other solutions included new RMIT websites, web behavior analytics, and portals that enable students to connect with industries and potential employers that suite their interests.

Additionally, the project provided benefits for other groups associated with the university. With the introduction of digital technology and streamlined processes, staff have been empowered to provide greater support for students ever before while reducing the stress of manual processes. The new platforms include a new repository for research data where RMIT researchers can store their data. This also includes new tools, such as a tracker for the use of grant and funding expenditure to allow leading minds to focus on discovery rather than finance. Finally, both potential and past students are now more included throughout the process. New recruiting strategies built upon the Adobe Marketing Cloud help reach new audiences in both Australia and Vietnam. Meanwhile, RMIT can now more regularly and effectively communicate with alumni by utilizing data stored upon the Salesforce platform and connect former and current students, which provides further insight into life after education.

These solutions have created a new set of services that RMIT can provide every educational community, ensuring that the university can truly fulfill its role in shaping generations of young people with unique, formative experiences. In addition, the work performed by RMIT and Capgemini prepared the university to better handle the COVID-19 global pandemic by making the institution more capable of shifting to a virtual environment. Digital technology has created new tools and opportunities while RMIT’s commitment to innovation in the interest of supporting its students and teachers demonstrates the degree to which it leads the educational field. Through continuing their enduring partnership, RMIT and Capgemini will constantly endeavor to find new ways to apply best-in-class technology to deliver a powerful and life-changing educational experience.