IoT is changing the way we improve customer experience

IoT has a big role to play in customer experience by enhancing communication, reducing wait times and gaining greater insights. As customer experience becomes ever more important, so too does the need to simplify how customers connect with vendor support and to decrease average vendor response times.
Digital TransformationDisrupt with Digital

2018—The year of smartomations, key digital trends that inspire us

The Year of SMARTOMATIONS, is the way to define 2018, we will see digital intelligence prevailing and solving problems with wider scope than before. We will see industries invest in their strengths to understand and predict their businesses and use digital enablers to create tangible solution models.
automationDigital Transformation

The Car and the Smartphone: A War for Eyeballs

The Automotive industry is going through a massive transformation, as electric vehicles, autonomous driving, car sharing business models flourish everywhere, fueled by digital-savvy customers. New entrants like Tesla make a leapfrog by answering a naive, yet disrupting What If question

Can Ethical Hacking reduce Cyber threats?

We are becoming a more connected world and this is set to increase dramatically over the coming years.  Our dependency on technology is at an all-time high and the scale of disruption to our society due to cybersecurity breaches can now have catastrophic consequences.

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