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Top trend for IT infrastructure in 2020? Simple.

Blog by Vincent Charpiot

Top trend for IT infrastructure in 2020? Simple.

I love it when pundits make their predictions about IT infrastructure, but they typically focus on micro-trends: hyper-personalization of the customer experience, expanded use of AI and RPA in industrial sectors, migration to hybrid cloud models for ITSM, and so on.

Those predictions are insightful and useful. But there’s a more basic, fundamental trend that will have a far greater impact on IT planning and strategy in 2020: the urgent need to simplify all aspects of provisioning and managing IT infrastructure.

The fact is, every facet of IT infrastructure has become ridiculously complex. The volume of innovations and technologies and hardware and software-defined capabilities has exploded – Big Bang style – and is pushing outward in all directions at warp speed. For example:

No one can master all of these innovations and advancements. No IT department has the skill sets internally to implement and manage all the latest innovations internally. So, who’s going to take on the challenge of sorting all of this out for enterprise IT organizations?

Simply put, we are.

Capgemini is focusing on integrating, consolidating, and radically simplifying its offerings so IT organizations can focus on their core competency: meeting the service requirements of all constituents and the strategic objectives of the business. To cite just a few examples:

Takeaway for I&O leaders

In short, the future of IT infrastructure is about taming complexity – and you’ll see this trend emerge and expand not just next year but for several years to come.

It’s time to merge strategies, services, and technologies into comprehensible, digestible units, so businesses can see, understand, and exploit the real opportunities of the digital age.

Capgemini is committed to leading in the simplification movement, and we’re already many steps ahead of our competitors. If you’d like to know what a unified, simplified approach can mean for your enterprise, please reach out to me via my Expert Connect profile and let’s share ideas.

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