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Our Insights & Data (I&D) graduates recently embarked on a continuous learning program with an intense Bootcamp to discover what it means to be an I&D Consultant with Capgemini.

Over the course of three days, they learnt about our go-to-market offerings and how to make an impact by upskilling in both technical and functional areas. The graduates were able to deep-dive into topics such as Data Science, Data Management, Data Migration, Data Governance, Agile and plenty more! Each session involved activities that were both fun and interactive with storytelling a pivotal component to conveying a message to our clients.

Our graduates heard from senior leaders, Frank Windoloski and Malliga Krishnan about how we do ‘magic’ – how they fit into our ecosystem and the importance of “always figuring out the problem we are trying to solve.” In addition, the grads were introduced to the business development lifecycle from our account management team demonstrating the power of a conversation, and that we are always selling ourselves.

The grads had an open discussion with our sector leaders about understanding the business problem we are trying to solve and how important it is to consider ethics when working with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

By the end of the Bootcamp, the grads were given three areas they must work on throughout the learning cycle:

  • A list of essential tasks that incorporates networking around the office, providing them with tools in their belt before going on client site
  • Ten I&D Baseline skills: each involve a component of self-paced learning, certifications and group work challenges
  • A Personal project: data discovery on data sets they either create to find online to elicit data-driven insights. Just like in an Agile project, at the end of their first learning cycle, they showcase their MVP to the broader team.

Lastly, the Bootcamp finished with the grads from our March 2019 who had completed their first iteration of the continuous learning program. They wowed our leaders and the new grads with their amazing innovations from chatbots for L&D guidance, to health data analysis on how to prevent diabetes to using data visualisations to help make planning a holiday an easier process.

Incorporating what they learnt on projects, combined with their hobbies and interests, some grads created a model that could predict housing market prices or which Aussie Rules football team would play best in varying weather conditions.

Each showcase took the audience on the journey, each with varying backgrounds of education they showed ‘La Niaque’ a fighting spirit to persevere through the process from discovery to wrangling in coding languages like R or Python and ultimately visualising the data on a range of technology stacks.

Congratulations to our latest intake and best of luck to on your showcases!


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