Capgemini ranked as a leading RPA service provider in the HFS top 10 RPA service providers 2018 report

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HFS research report on top 10 RPA service providers 2018 ranks us as one of the leading RPA service providers in the market.

In November, HFS announced its report on the Top 10 RPA Service Providers 2018 and we are very excited to be ranked 2nd among the service providers evaluated. The report examined the role these service providers are playing in the evolving RPA market. They assessed and rated the RPA services capabilities of 29 service providers across a defined series of innovation, execution, and voice of the customer criteria.

We are especially proud to have scored very highly on the ‘voice of customer’ parameter. This is truly a recognition of our client-centric view supported by our unified approach on Intelligent Automation and RPA. At Capgemini, we really appreciate and honor the confidence that our clients have shown in our capabilities as it is this belief that has propelled us to a leading position not only in this specific report but also in the market in general.

Commenting on the report and Capgemini’s ranking, Elena Christopher, Research Vice President at HFS said: “Customer satisfaction was the linchpin of the study as RPA satisfaction overall remains tepid at best as enterprises strive for scale and return on investment in the face of continued hype around ease of use and quick wins. Capgemini’s ability to perform well in all three assessment categories speaks volumes about its ability to manage expectations and deliver value to its customers.”

For the future, we will continue to deliver even more value to our clients, leveraging dynamic Automation Drive Suite and offering new innovative Intelligent Automation and RPA services. We will invest even more in our Automation Drive fast-trackers, designed to inject productivity and efficiency as well as improved quality and predictability into our clients’ business and IT processes. Through our ambitious dedicated, global training program – Automation Drive Academy, we are cultivating Intelligent Automation and RPA specialists with an automation-first mindset, and this is just the start of our journey.

To close this blog post, I would like to say a big thank you to our clients and also to all our talented Intelligent Automation and RPA experts across the Group!

If you want to know more, do connect with me and my team or read about our latest reports: Upskilling your people for the age of the machine, and Unlocking the untapped value of automation.

You can download the HFS report from here: Top 10 RPA Service Providers 2018.

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