As a consultant you’re going to be traveling, a lot.  I knew this when I signed up for the job but didn’t really realize how much I liked home until, well, I was never there.  Rather than getting homesick I decided to take a positive outlook and make every location my new, temporary home.
Working at Capgemini opens so many doors to opportunity.  Since starting three months ago, I have traveled to Atlanta, Mumbai, Chicago, and Fort Myers, and have plans to visit Washington DC and Vegas.  Through my travel experience, I have found a few key things that make each location seem less of a hotel stay and more of a temporary home.

  1. Your Favorite College Sweatshirt- If you’re like me, you find comfort in the little things, like having your normal toiletries, favorite snacks, and comfy sweatshirts.  While on projects, I found a lot of hotels allow you to keep a bag there through the weekend when you go home (or anywhere else).  When I know I’m going to be on a traveling project for a couple weeks I check a big bag full of all my essentials to bring with me the first week on the project then leave it on weekends away.  Being able to come home to my hotel room with all of my things makes the various locations seem so much more like home.
  2. Each City a New Home- I suggest staying a weekend at your location exploring the city.  Many projects would be happy to save the cost of a flight and will pay your hotel stay for the weekend.  Every city has something to offer, so get out and explore! You never know, you might fall in love with a city while on a project and make it your new permanent home.
  3. Food for Thought– When arriving at the client site on Mondays, go to the grocery store.  Get the essentials like bottles of water, chips and salsa, and some healthy snacks. You’ll be eating out a lot and it’s hard to stay healthy.  Buying a few things from the grocery store so that you don’t have to eat out every meal goes a long way. 
  4. Workouts Are Meetings You Schedule With Yourself.  Bosses Don’t Cancel- Traveling can take a toll on your health, but don’t let it.  Stay active and stay fit. Look into joining gyms that have nation-wide locations.  Your workout routine is only interrupted by location if you let it.  If there aren’t any locations near your project, most hotels have limited gyms.  For all you iPhone users, I suggest downloading the app Pump Up. The app allows you to enter in the available equipment and it creates a killer workout with what you have!

In the end, have fun! Enjoy the fact that you are young and have the unique experience to move around and experience nearly every part of the country, and even the world. 

Images: Dinner cruise in Naples, FL and golfing in Mumbai, India.