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Intelligent Automation: Neue Plattform zur schnellen Einführung von „Automation at Scale“

22 Jul 2019

Capgemini bietet ab sofort eine neue, cloud-basierte Technologieplattform an, die eine schnelle und unternehmensweite Bereitstellung von intelligenten Automatisierungslösungen ermöglicht. Unternehmen profitieren von der Capgemini Intelligent Automation Platform (CIAP), indem die Leistung verbessert, Kosten gesenkt und die Wertschöpfungskette beschleunigt wird. Die technologieunabhängige, Künstliche Intelligenz einsetzende Plattform kommt bereits weltweit in Live-Projekten zum Einsatz und hilft dabei, Innovationen und Transformationen über das gesamte Unternehmen hinweg schneller und flexibler umzusetzen.

Die vollständige englische Pressemitteilung finden Sie unten sowie oben rechts zum Download für Sie bereitgestellt.


Capgemini launches a new technology platform to deliver rapid deployment of intelligent automation at scale

The new cloud-based platform will help enterprises achieve peak performance, contain costs and speed-up time to value with pre-built intelligent automation solutions, accelerators, use-cases and sector bots

Capgemini today announced the launch of its Intelligent Automation Platform (CIAP) designed to deliver the rapid deployment of automation at scale for businesses worldwide. The technology agnostic, AI-infused platform, which is already supporting live projects across the globe, will allow clients to drive innovation and transformation throughout their organizations, across applications, IT and business operations, with speed and flexibility at a lower cost.

Capgemini’s recent study ‘Reshaping the future: Unlocking automation’s untapped value’ highlighted that while automation could deliver cost savings of between $32bn-$165bn across the automotive, retail, utilities and manufacturing sectors, just 16% of enterprises are currently deploying multiple use-cases at scale[1]. CIAP is a purpose-built, plug and play platform that will enable enterprises to move from operations-focused, limited value Intelligent Automation (IA) initiatives to an enterprise-wide, automation-first approach, thereby enabling the deployment of more high-value projects.

The CIAP enables end-to-end integrated automation for applications, IT and business operations, to fast-track automation journeys and drive business excellence across the enterprise. CIAP enhances Capgemini’s Automation Drive suite and is embedded across Capgemini’s services portfolio. Its rich ‘FastTrack Hub’ contains re-usable, pre-built intelligent automation solutions, bots, accelerators and use cases to deliver powerful economies of scale in every deployment.

CIAP benefits from the scalability of a cloud-based environment and can therefore leverage any innovations provided as managed services via the cloud. It also offers improved efficiency through a platform command tower powered by AI & analytics monitoring in real-time and 24/7 bot performance.

“All-in-one Intelligent Automation (IA) platforms and their availability on the cloud are bringing new opportunities to the automation market. They are helping enterprises automate any type of process, whether it handles structured or unstructured data, in business departments or in IT,” said Sarah Burnett, Executive Vice President and Distinguished Analyst at Everest Group. “The evolution of IA is happening at a time when technology complexity has become a prime concern for enterprises. An all-in-one IA platform on the cloud could go some way towards addressing this concern.”  

Capgemini’s platform is already driving benefits for a number of customers (across North America and EMEA) and is acting as a catalyst for more enterprises to unlock the opportunities of Intelligent Automation at scale.

“Intelligent automation is critical to the future of every enterprise,” said Ashwin Yardi, CEO India, Chief Industrialization & Automation Officer at Capgemini. “It will create the optimizations, efficiencies and new opportunities to accelerate growth and drive digital transformation. Capgemini’s Intelligent Automation Platform shifts the needle from isolated, limited value initiatives to a unified enterprise-wide, automation-first approach.

“The launch of Capgemini’s Intelligent Automation Platform marks a step change in our intelligent automation capabilities and will form a key component of our portfolio service offers. It will allow our customers to take the brakes off change and pursue the advantages of automation at scale while managing the risks; injecting peak performance into and across an organization’s applications, IT and business operations,” he further added.

The development of CIAP has been informed by Capgemini’s experience of driving IA programs for more than 600 clients globally and comes to market as a tested and mature solution, supported by the collective skills of over 30,000 automation professionals and specialists globally.

For more information on Capgemini’s Intelligent Automation Platform please click here.

[1] “At scale” is defined as implementations that go beyond pilots and test projects, and are adopted at a larger scale across business units, functions or geographies.