Digitalization of the Chemicals and Life Sciences Industry

Even with farmers, large and small, data and use of digital tech are now key enablers. Meanwhile, healthcare is taking advantage of blockchain to improve patient care, privacy, and drug safety. For life science laboratories, digital saves time and money.

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Capgemini wins two Strategic Partner Awards at the Citrix Summit 2018

The Group is recognized for ‘Most Impactful Cloud Win’ and ‘2017 Best Overall Geo GSI Performance’
AI Green Energy renewables Utilities

Top five energy and utilities trends for 2018—predictions 2 and 3

2018 will see a shift in the behavior of utilities consumers – from considering self-powering communities to putting their faith in robotics and AI.

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GDPR compliance—the importance of maintaining an inventory of personal data

Understanding the boundaries of GDPR compliance requires organizations to maintain an inventory of personal data

QA and automation are essential for shift left, Agile, DevOps and SAFe!

Automation must be an integral part of the whole production process up to production. But automation is not magic—it has to be managed according to the state of the art and most of all, with common sense. An automation strategy is as essential as a test strategy.

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