Capgemini and BlackLine drive Frictionless Finance

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Capgemini and BlackLine’s strategic alliance fosters best-practice solutions to achieve frictionless outcomes for clients

To stay agile in this post-pandemic climate, CFOs need to move away from manual and repetitive tasks to a more streamlined and modernized finance and accounting (F&A) template. Automation and cloud-based tools and technologies are now crucial for F&A professionals to gain a better understanding of their clients’ finance operations.

Capgemini’s expertise combined with the BlackLine Accounting Cloud enable F&A teams to reduce business-process costs by optimizing process efficiencies. The BlackLine Accounting Cloud manages and automates financial close, accounts receivable (AR), and intercompany accounting processes. Financial data needs to be timely and accurate for effective reporting, and with BlackLine, businesses benefit from a centralized system that streamlines F&A operations, while providing unprecedented visibility and intelligence across F&A.

Finance transformation for clients worldwide

Capgemini and BlackLine are helping organizations leave manual accounting processes behind, and power innovation with modern solutions. Platform upgrade without process optimization might not yield the client’s desired outcomes. Therefore, implementing a leading cloud-based platform must go hand-in-hand with process transformation

On top of this, reconciling data across a myriad of backing systems and posting journal entries is not time efficient. Poor processes such as these are hard to track and scale. The modern accounting journey starts with harmonizing the scattered finance technology landscape by dealing with siloes. Automation ignites accounting efficiencies and unifies processes, enabling customers to focus on what’s really important.

Capgemini and BlackLine are already collaborating with a US-based, chemical organization to enhance its reconciliation, task management, journal entry, and close functions. This union has so far enhanced Capgemini’s Record to Analyze (R2A) capabilities, improving Capgemini’s overall service and reinforcing our unique customer-centric approach.

Revolutionizing finance

Organizations need to remain competitive in a rapidly changing digital business context. Fragmentation, broken processes, poor data quality, shadow IT, and technical debt create inconsistencies that prevent the consolidation of a unified logic for business operations.

Capgemini’s Digital Global Enterprise Model (D-GEM) platform acts as a best-practice benchmark across accounting processes – eliminating business frictions, neutralizing bottlenecks, prioritizing the customer-first user experience, improving employee experience, and enabling a faster time to market.

D-GEM also helps augment humans with AI to orchestrate seamless processes, driving enhanced business outcomes and enabling organizations to transition to the Frictionless Enterprise.

Building a smart, frictionless future for receivables

Through collaboration with BlackLine, Capgemini’s transformation assets have taken a turn for the better. Transforming AR is one of the critical pillars of the BlackLine Accounting Cloud, enabling companies to use machine learning to quickly unlock cash from debtors while maximizing customer relationships and reducing risk of non-payment with predictive, actionable intelligence.

This complements Capgemini’s approach to AI.Receivables – part of Capgemini’s Frictionless Finance – driving tangible outcomes such as enhanced efficiency and topline growth and enabling organizations to transition to the Frictionless Enterprise.

These efforts are backed by a strategic alliance with BlackLine. What better way to intelligently innovate the future?

To learn more about how Capgemini and BlackLine can transform your organization’s finance function to create the Frictionless Enterprise, contact

Priya GaneshPriya Ganesh has worked for Capgemini for the last 12 years, first as a Solutions Architect and now as a VP leading the solutions and transformation practice across APAC. She enables clients in their transformation journey, leveraging Capgemini’s key assets and collaboration across our Group.

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