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Take customer experience and operational efficiency to new heights

Capgemini and Pega are re-inventing business-process management

Connecting with customers in the experience economy is a holistic effort. It requires smart automation and optimized business processes built around the customer relationship.

Customers expect engaging, personalized, and compelling experiences no matter where they are in their customer journey, and they spend with the organizations that deliver on these demands.

To stay ahead of these expectations, organizations need to build seamless connections between front-end systems and complex back-end operations, and orchestrate, automate, and integrate these into the customer journey. Furthermore, these processes are fueled with real-time data, enabling actionable insights that adapt quickly to market and customer needs. This provides an experience that is relevant and brings value at speed for both the business and customer.

Capgemini and Pega deliver on this need. Capgemini’s rich industry experience – in conjunction with Pega’s industry-leading platform – enables unrivaled customer engagement and operational efficiency, at scale. With Pega’s market-leading case management and AI capabilities and Capgemini’s battle-tested, award-winning methodologies, there is nothing you can’t accomplish.

Industry-focused customer-service transformation

Every organization faces unique challenges, and Capgemini’s market-leading expertise in digital transformation and Pega delivery equips them to overcome hurdles and thrive. Together, we enrich and transform experiences for clients across industries and verticals.

1:1 customer engagement

  • Boost customer engagement and cut through the clutter with more relevant, data-driven marketing insights. Capgemini and Pega enable a swift pivot from spray-and-pray campaigns to driving personalized, individual engagement with every customer.
  • Understanding what your customers want is critical to the success of your business. Leverage consumption data, customer needs, and real-time event triggers to proactively serve up the right offers at the right times.
  • Customer value is a function of customer loyalty. Know more about your customers and put this knowledge to work with Pega and Capgemini.

Streamlined customer service

  • Time spent on manual processes and data entry is time lost serving customers. Enhance your service outcomes with automated, centralized strategies.
  • Your systems of record aren’t meant for employees to feed information into: they need to get something out of them as well. Put these systems to work for you with Capgemini and Pega.
  • Leverage the industry’s only unified automation platform to connect your entire service organization and transform it into a powerful, data-driven nucleus that powers customer engagement and the rest of your business.
  • With AI-powered robotics, BPM, case management, and more, Capgemini and Pega deliver a comprehensive suite of process-management solutions for any business in any industry.

Intelligent automation

  • Capgemini’s proven Pega experience and the platform’s proprietary AI technology assures that each engagement is tailored perfectly to each customer’s unique needs.
  • Combine real-time context with big data and analytics to create and present the right offers and the right time.
  • Enhance and deepen relationships with Pega’s AI-driven decision hub, marketing-automation platform, and paid-media manager to personalize everything from assets to entire campaigns.

Operational excellence

  • Capgemini and Pega leverage the industry’s only unified automation platform to combine AI, process automation, and case management in one unified platform. With us, organizations make the right decisions faster.

Capgemini delivers a growing range of Pega-focused services, including:

  • Advisory
  • Business-process design and optimization
  • Governance
  • Case management
  • Customer engagement
  • Contact-center transformation
  • Marketing and sales automation
  • AI and data-driven real-time insights
  • UI/UX
  • Upgrade
  • DevOps and cloud migration.

Proven solutions and accelerators

We offer a broad portfolio of horizontal and sector-focused solutions built around Pega technology:

Capgemini and Pega

At Capgemini, we combine business strategy and technology to realize our customers’ goals. With more than 2,000 Pega-certified practitioners and a team of digital innovation, consulting, and transformation leaders, it is no wonder that, since 2006, we have consistently garnered Pega awards.

Most recently, we won the 2020 Partner Awards for Excellence in Digital Transformation and Excellence in Growth and Delivery.

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