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Streamline processes with Digital Shopfloor Solution

Capgemini and ServiceNow deliver app to make the shop floor more intelligent

Smart factories are the future. More than two-thirds of manufacturers have ongoing smart-factory initiatives, with much of the value still to be realized. While the potential is large, the shop floor remains a place of manual processes and paper-based work instructions.

The Digital Shopfloor Solution (DSS) improves the shop-floor experience and worker performance through standardized processes to help manufacturers get the future they want. It provides an easy-to-configure, user-friendly digital app for technicians and workers to review and execute instructions to audit and maintain manufacturing equipment.

Built on ServiceNow’s App Engine, DSS has already eliminated existing paper-based, manual processes for shop-floor work instructions at one manufacturer. The data collected via DSS provides actionable insights that can be used to run advanced reporting and proactive maintenance of equipment.

Capgemini is investing in new solutions to support manufacturers as they move to a more intelligent industry model. We provide a holistic approach to shop-floor digitization by bringing in deep industry expertise, process re-engineering, and modern technology to meet the demands of the modern manufacturer. Read how DSS can help you gain a competitive advantage.