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Industrialized Data & AI Engineering Acceleration by Capgemini with Microsoft

Did you know that data modernization is key to winning a data strategy?

Our Industrialized Data & AI Engineering Acceleration (IDEA) by Capgemini offer with Microsoft can help you solve modern data problems and build a robust strategy that cuts through the increasing data complexities.

IDEA by Capgemini, an innovative and flexible solution, will help you embrace modernization as well as simplify and streamline the way your organization collects, manages, and governs data, at speed and scale. The platform combines best-in-class data engineering, analytics, and AI capabilities with Microsoft’s cutting-edge Azure Synapse cloud data services to enable you meet your business goals.

Help us help you! How can we help make data your competitive edge?

With IDEA by Capgemini we can help your organization:

  • Unlock new revenue models through high-value, intelligent products and services
  • Improve customer experience and engagement with personalized, relevant marketing and communication
  • Leverage data products and real-time insights to enable faster and better decision making
  • Optimize business operations across the entire enterprise.