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Help consumers establish a personal relationship with their cars

The automotive industry has changed significantly in recent years. Evolving technology and growing consumer expectations will continue this trend, presenting both new challenges and opportunities for original equipment manufacturers (OEM).

The world will soon have predominantly self-driving vehicles powered by sustainable energy which take us where we need to be safely. But people will need to develop trust before they can embrace this autonomy. While work on ensuring safety continues, OEMs should focus on preparing to deliver the cars consumers both need and want.

Digitization has made many features and benefits possible, and people are now seeing cars as more than just vehicles. As automobiles adopt more capabilities with the same intuitive features found in smartphones, consumers are starting to develop the same personal relationship with their cars as they have with their phones – presenting a rare opportunity for OEMs to lead a new and major trend.

With connected vehicles just emerging, there is still time to be the first company that helps people establish this relationship. Missing such a unique opportunity in this changing and competitive space can be devastating.

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