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Digital Core for Enterprise CXOS

Harnessing market impact forces for competitive advantage

Constantly dynamic market conditions open up significant opportunities for enterprises on their journey to becoming a renewable enterprise.

Senior executives need to understand the technology that enables their internal processes, that powers the products and services they sell, and that facilitates innovation. They need to know its real costs and benefits so they can stay ahead of the curve. 
(Source: – ‘What CEOs Better Know About Technology — Or Else’)

Different market forces impact different CxOs in unique ways. The three main drivers of change are:

  • Demanding digital consumers
  • Pressure on costs
  • Need to commit to ESG

These drivers demand new capabilities such as:

  • Bundling services with the product for higher customer satisfaction and retention
  • Creating work experiences that align employee expectations with the company goals
  • Flexible and optimized supply chains
  • Cost reductions across the chain
  • Transformed ways of working to flex with sustainability goals

Capgemini’s Digital Core drives value through enterprise transformation by addressing challenges for each of the company CxOs and by helping them in the journey to the Renewable Enterprise.

Digital Core for CxOs: Benefits

The Digital Core CxO offers are five comprehensive cross-industry offers with industry-specific use cases that highlight business benefits and business drivers, and that measure outcomes relevant for different business owners.

With these offers Capgemini is uniquely positioned to help CxOs with business-led enterprise transformation.

Elisabetta Spontoni, Group Offer Leader for Digital Core and Global Head of SAP Operations at Capgemini, says, “Enterprise transformations are multifaceted journeys that drive value following the vision of each one of the business owners. To be able to have an impact in that journey, we need to focus on the specific challenges that each CxO faces and focus our solutions to address them. This is why we have created the Digital Core for Enterprise CxO offer suite.”

For operations and manufacturing CxOs,  faciliating transformation of end-to-end manufacturing processes by leveraging the latest digital technologies – Digital Products, Digital Shopfloor, Extended Supply Chain, 5G and IoT.

For sales and service CxOs, facilitating transformation of sales execution through digital services and new business models such as subscription models, product & service bundles, usage and consumption, and outcome-based contracts for a wide spectrum of industries.

For supply chain and procurement CxOs, facilitating intelligent supply chains that are resilient, performance-based and sustainable for augmented customer-centricity.

For CFOs, facilitating transformation of the role from finance operations to business advisor, enabling automation, intelligent analytics and M&A.

For CHROs, facilitating engagement of the workforce with new models and an enhanced employee experience.

Capgemini’s Digital Core for Enterprise CxO suite of offers enables CxOs to be resilient to ever-changing market demands as well as to harness them for competitive advantage, to get the future they want.

Meet our experts

Parthasarathy K

Senior Director, SAP India CoE Lead – Europe
An SAP expert with a focus on domain-specific solutions and hands-on experience in the Technology delivery & Architect solutions in SAP for global Energy, Utilities, Consumer and Manufacturing clients in SAP Practice. Has handled various roles on the strategic, leadership as well as operational fronts, notably in technology delivery, and solution design for large customers, leading number of large business transformation projects, driving them with the goal of realizing enhanced value for customers delight.

Viji Philip

Ninja, SAP CoE, North America
20 years of Consulting experience having worked on ERP transformation engagements in Consumer Goods Manufacturing & Process industry sectors. Viji has managed various roles as part of IT Consulting services including enterprise application assessments, delivery management, solution design and build for supply chain engagements across US, Europe and India.

Mike Curl

Ninja, SAP COE Europe
Mike has worked in IT Consulting and advisory all of his professional life and has a wealth of technical, industry and commercial experience. Most of this time has been spent focusing on SAP products, solutions and technologies. Mike is often involved in SAP assessments, business cases and roadmaps especially around S/4HANA transformation. In the Finance arena, Mike has helped customers with their FP&A strategies and operations, SAP enabled finance transformation and financial reporting and consolidation.

Reese Dunbar

HCM Lead for North America
Consulting executive with over 20 years of experience focused on HR transformation leveraging the latest technologies to improve business performance. Demonstrated expertise in global, complex program delivery, people and practice leadership.  Recognized as a thought leader in the industry with a passion for building high-performing teams that deliver enterprise-wide value to clients.

Sharmistha Sanyal

Director, SAP CoE, APAC
Brings in SAP and Domain specific experience with expertise in crafting solution across SAP spectrum for multi industries like CPRD , Manufacturing , Logistics Metals and Mining . Has handled various roles as Solution Architect for complex transformation and managing delivery across multiple geographies.