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CloudNow® Transform methodology

Capgemini’s CloudNow® methodology for Oracle offers a highly collaborative and agile experience designed to eliminate risks in the adoption of Oracle cloud services. It spans the entire cloud lifecycle and offers a wide range of services, including assessment, implementation, and managed services. Leveraging our experience in delivering cloud solutions across multi-cloud deployments, our CloudNow methodology for Oracle is designed to help reduce effort, provide more control, and offer greater speed to our teams to move our clients to the Oracle cloud faster.

cloudnow transform methodology

Our tools

Benefit from our wide range of tools and accelerators that leverage disruptive technologies.

Rapid accelerators and tools designed to:

  • Upgrade PeopleSoft applications with PeopleSoft Upgrade Lab: A series of technical upgrade processes and flexible reporting tools, these provide rapid analysis and help accelerate the creation of upgraded environments and initial fit/gap activities.
  • Upgrade PeopleSoft applications with Spotlighter: This tool effectively replaces the traditional read-only compare reports and is extremely helpful to jumpstart the technical design and a flawless retrofit/build of custom or customized objects. The reports generated by Spotlighter can be opened in spreadsheets, which gives the flexibility to manipulate the report data for further analysis. The Spotlighter reports are also capable of analyzing the impacted objects because of version changes in PeopleSoft.
  • Migrate HR applications from Peoplesoft to cloud with the PeopleSoft to HCM Migration tool: Transforms on-premises core HR applications to cloud by enabling quicker conversion with clean and consistent data in your new workforce system.
  • Automate migration from Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud with the cloud acceleration tool: Enables automated migration from Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud. The tool provides an analysis of the existing landscape and automates the migration of required configurations, data, integrations, reports, and extensions to Oracle Cloud. With its modular design, the accelerator can be used as one complete framework to configure, migrate, reconcile, integrate, and report.

ADMnext industrialized assets and enablers designed to:

  • Reduce the knowledge-transfer service-transition phase by 15 percent with EZ Trans for Oracle EBS and Oracle Cloud: Accelerate your knowledge transfer with Capgemini’s tool, designed specially to support extraction in hostile environments with reduced risks.
  • Enable IT business-process improvements with a focus on business process: Align and track the health of your business KPIs and drive measurable impact.
  • Know the application and business impact of quarterly release cycles with Cloud Release Impact Analyzer: Leverage the tool to know more about your business processes and application impact.
  • Respond to how-to queries with Oracle Intelligent Digital Aide: Experience the power of disruptive technologies to reduce effort and improve efficiency with our digital assistant.
  • Reduce test cycle time by 50 to 60 percent with Rapid Testing on Cloud: An automated test suite for Oracle Cloud to accelerate regression testing, which helps reduce time and cost and improve the quality and repeatability of testing.
  • Automate standard work requests with Edge Automation solutions: Driving automation through UiPath/AI/ML for standard work requests, thereby bringing efficiency to the work cycle.
  • Monitor period close activities with Close IT Period dashboard: Provides approximately 25 percent time savings for period close compared to manual spreadsheet processes and visibility to all period close activities on a single dashboard.

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