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Centralized customer identity and consent management

The key to a customer-first business

Organizations need a holistic customer-data solution to tie customer information together across business units while complying with new identity and consent regulations. For organizations to thrive in a highly competitive marketplace and respond to an explosion of customer demands, traditional companies are seeking digital transformation to deliver connected experiences across multiple online and offline channels.

Download this point of view to learn how customer-led businesses are built on data and how businesses need a way to identify customers, get their consent, and create and expand their profiles. Customer Data solutions from SAP delivers a combined Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) and Enterprise Consent and Preference Management (ECPM) solution to meet this demand to deliver secure and seamless connected customer experiences.

Capgemini works with SAP to help companies build a solution to orchestrate a 360-degree view of the customer, to allow businesses to react quickly and truly deliver seamless, secure, and connected experiences that inform and delight.

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