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Accelerated warehouse productivity and agility with SAP Extended Warehouse Management

Address critical pain points and improve inventory accuracy, space capacity, and KPIs

Global competition and shifts in technologies demand a high-paced, versatile supply chain – essential for boosting warehouse agility to meet growing customer needs and market demand.

Capgemini envisions warehouses as facilities where important metrics are consistently tracked on a next-generation analytics dashboard, identifying the potential for efficiencies. Measuring product velocity, for example, enables positioning only high-rotation SKUs in the golden zone, minimizing empty forklift travel. Employees can receive real-time notifications for key events, such as a change in product temperature, excess vibration, humidity, and stalled operations, to make informed decisions.

SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) is the ideal solution for integrating this innovative system across manufacturing operations. With four decades of experience with SAP technology, serving 2,600 clients across the globe, and with 3,500 professionals certified in SAP S/4HANA, Capgemini can help manufacturing enterprises unlock the full value of SAP EWM to boost warehouse productivity and achieve superior warehousing performance.

Capgemini invests in its research and growth capabilities, thereby striving to fully satisfy customer needs and deliver topnotch solutioning techniques. We are strongly positioned to support our clients in transforming their warehouses from SAP WM to SAP EWM in a streamlined and controlled manner while implementing advanced automation solutions to replace manual involvement. With our enhanced migration tools built in-house plus accelerators and strategic methodology (iCaptivate), Capgemini can ensure a smooth transformation to what we call “smart warehousing” and minimize migration efforts, time investment, and implementation costs.

Download the Smart warehousing and improved logistics brochure to learn more.

Meet our experts

Viji Philip

Ninja, SAP CoE, North America
20 years of Consulting experience having worked on ERP transformation engagements in Consumer Goods Manufacturing & Process industry sectors. Viji has managed various roles as part of IT Consulting services including enterprise application assessments, delivery management, solution design and build for supply chain engagements across US, Europe and India.