Reimagine your business for the digital economy with AWS

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A digital transformation for agility, innovation, and growth

Most companies today only have two options: disrupt or be disrupted. This is true across industries as digital is changing the way companies operate, creating new leaders in a digitized economy and leaving behind the ones that are slow to adapt.

Forty-nine percent of CIOs report their organization’s business model is changing or has already changed in response to this trend, according to Gartner. As the shift to digital continues worldwide, the organizations that embrace digital transformation and see it as a necessary move rather than a beneficial one will be more likely to thrive in a landscape that increasingly demands agility and innovation from its players.

A move to the cloud equips enterprises to reimagine business with the agility of start-ups, with flexible digital platforms for innovation. With invisible infrastructure, new tools for analysis and insight, and intelligent automation, the cloud enables creatives to focus on value-add initiatives and new sources of growth, rather than attending to IT maintenance.

Capgemini’s long-standing partnership with AWS enables us to provide the support of expert teams trained and certified to optimize workloads on AWS Cloud for clients across all major industries. The combination of our business and technology expertise ensures we can develop and execute a cloud strategy that creates a sustained competitive advantage for the digital economy.

Read Reimagine your business, at cloud speed to learn more.


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