Trusted Logistics with AWS

Improve efficiency by leveraging IoT for real-time shipping visibility and alerts

Millions of tons of goods and services are shipped around the world every year. Throughout the shipping process, fraud, counterfeiting, adulteration, and spoilage of goods all pose a major challenge, creating inefficiencies that cost organizations billions of dollars. While these issues could be stopped in their tracks with appropriate monitoring, outdated, legacy IT means many organizations lack the real-time visibility that would allow them to take preventive measures.

Taking control of shipping with Capgemini’s Trusted Logistics

Capgemini’s Trusted Logistics solves this issue by providing real-time visibility into shipping containers. It is a cloud-based tracking and monitoring application that leverages IoT to provide greater visibility into shipment progress and uses alerts to minimize losses. The solution allows operations managers to constantly monitor container health parameters in real time and take proactive actions in case of issues during the journey. It also incorporates blockchain for all transactional data to ensure a high degree of security and transparency and reduce the risk of fraud and counterfeiting. Trusted Logistics leverages AWS IoT Services and AWS Notification Services to enable organizations to take full advantage of the cloud and unlock the power of IoT, blockchain, and data.

Accelerate with Capgemini and AWS

Together, Capgemini and AWS can help you reimagine your business at cloud speed. An AWS Premier Consulting Partner and AWS Managed Service Partner, Capgemini works with organizations around the globe to harness the power of the AWS cloud to transform their businesses and reinvent themselves for the digital world. It’s how we helped one organization increase its supply-chain visibility to ultimately recover millions in goods, track hundreds of stolen trucks, and significantly reduce roadside assistance call time.

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