How to create the unified experiences your buyers crave

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Today’s purchase process is no longer linear

Customers are moving in a complicated path that touches the internet, email, mobile, social media, direct mail, and brick-and-mortar locations before they decide to complete a purchase. Even then, their journey isn’t over, as customers continue to engage with brands and other shoppers long after the purchase has been made.

The customer journey now resembles an hourglass, not a funnel. Conversion is no longer the sole desired outcome and the end of the funnel; instead, it is now the center point of it all. The journey may start on the path to purchase, but once a conversion occurs, marketers flip the hourglass over to transition customers into engagement and loyalty programs designed to build delight and brand evangelism.

In this piece, readers will learn about:

  • How to define the journey your customers take
  • Tools to analyze, interpret, and optimize this journey
  • How to go about creating new journeys that drive loyalty and results.

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