Empower your enterprise with artificial intelligence

Becoming an AI-powered organization is the way forward

Artificial intelligence has changed the face of the healthcare industry. AI provides the tools to transform operations for greater efficiency while helping you better understand your patients. It’s simple in theory, but with game-changing results.

COVID-19 has obviously affected the industry, especially by disrupting clinical trials. This is a crucial moment for AI to play an important role in restoring the drug pipeline for pharmaceutical companies. And with data being increasingly vital in the life-sciences industry, AI is the only way to manage its enormous scope from both the patient and therapy perspectives.

Capgemini has kept a close eye on the trends surrounding AI for years. Most recently, we have been interested in the progress made in democratizing the high potential of AI and understanding the immediate impacts of COVID-19 on AI investments.

To explore these questions, the Capgemini Research Institute surveyed 950 organizations that are involved in ongoing AI initiatives and have at least one billion dollars in annual revenue. Our report examines what we discovered and the crucial factors organizations must consider to unlock the full potential of becoming an AI-powered enterprise.

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Life sciences led the way in AI deployments

  • 27% of AI-at-scale leaders have successfully deployed use cases in production and continue to scale more throughout multiple business teams, compared to the 13% average

Pharma companies have made significant AI bets

  • They are investing to make sense of expanding datasets, drawn from genomics and “real-world data” (e.g., data from wearables, social media, clinical trials, electronic health records, etc.)

The COVID-19 crisis has further widened the gap

  • 62% of life sciences companies have either progressed AI initiatives as planned or quickened the pace of deployments

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