In-store automation can deliver a competitive edge for retailers

In-store automation can deliver a competitive edge for retailers

In an always-on world, shopper expectations have skyrocketed. The ability to get just about anything delivered quickly means shopping at a physical store can seem like a chore. Today, consumers increasingly expect that same efficient and engaging online experience to be replicated in-store.

The challenge for retailers is to compete against ecommerce players while maintaining a physical store. The answer to that challenge is automation. In Smart stores – rebooting the retail store through in-store automation, the Capgemini Research Institute spoke to more than 5,000 consumers regarding their views on automation. Nearly half said they would shift purchases from a non-automated store to a store with automated technologies if they have a positive experience.

Automation, such as robots, sensors, and mobile apps, can help brick-and-mortar retailers protect market share and create a strategic advantage over their digital-native competitors. The majority of consumers (66%) believe that automation can improve their shopping experience by improving the retail experience.

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Accelerate automation adoption by

Make automation a strategic imperative

  • Setting automation as a priority makes it easier to scale
  • Decide on a focus and the experience you want to create
  • Research and understand customers’ needs

View automation initiatives through customers’ eyes

  • Shoppers want the freedom to maintain their privacy inside stores
  • Understand key in-store challenges so you identify the right use cases
  • Shoppers still want some level of human interaction within stores

Win consumer trust and confidence

  • Automation solutions need to support the customer experience and not just address cost savings
  • Reassure customers on privacy and have stringent security practices
  • Educate shoppers that automation is available with a human touch


Shoppers who identified long lines for payment and checkout as a major pain point that automation could help solve


Consumers willing to shift their online purchases to stores that use automation


Retailers reporting an increase in visits by customers due to implementing automation

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