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In today’s digital world, change is the only constant. Customer decisions are based heavily on emotion and the journey they experience with your brand.

For marketers, this means they face an increasingly complex and ever-changing challenge:

  • Increased customer expectations
  • New buyer behavior patterns
  • Increased number of touchpoints and evolution in their usage
  • Need for connection with customer
  • Increased amount of data.

The CMO role is evolving and transforming faster than any other role in the C-Suite.

Today’s CMO has vast and complex responsibilities that span brand, customer, technology, analytics and, most importantly, growth. They are tasked with delivering experiences that:

  • Acquire and retain customers
  • Are tailored for each individual customer Enable rich, data-driven insights
  • Streamline and optimize marketing costs
  • Cultivate real, sustainable customer relationships
  • Drive the growth of the business.

Be personal, relevant, and useful

To really connect with customers, brands must provide tailored, personalized experiences which anticipate a customer’s next step, before they take it. This means moving away from tactics like mass email campaigns and moving towards a personal approach. And in this omni-channel, real-time world, this means leveraging digital advertising, social media, websites, and content. Marketers have a lot to focus on, but they can optimize the customer journey through cross platform/multichannel marketing, custom content, and predictive analytics.

By moving towards the personalized marketing and messaging era, a brand can establish engaging relationships with its buyers – leading to increased loyalty and increased spend. In fact, Capgemini research tells us that 70% of emotionally engaged buyers say they spend up to two times or more on brands they are loyal to. In contrast, slightly less than half (49%) of buyers with low emotional engagement say the same. This data suggests that cultivating emotional connections with consumers could result in a significant lift in basket or transaction size.

Personalized messaging requires a marketing engine powered by data, insights, and events

At the heart of this is technology. The Adobe Experience Cloud brings together marketing, data, and content. It is a complete set of marketing solutions that provides everything you need to gather deep insight into your customers, build personalized campaigns, and manage your content and assets. It allows today’s CMO to create a real connection with the people who are most important to the business – customers and their employees.

Reimagining customer engagement. Delivering results.

We provide end-to-end marketing strategy, design, and execution services to support the full suite of efficient and effective marketing activities – broadly into the customer ecosystem and deeply into our clients’ enterprise. From Healthcare, Retail, Banking, and Manufacturing, we drive game-changing solutions.

We integrate Adobe Experience Cloud with our clients’ existing systems and identify ways to connect, manage, and optimize multiple channels used by customers, vendors, suppliers, and other end-users, all of whom have a different need. Ultimately, we help our clients to seize control of their brands across these channels to deliver revenue-impacting initiatives.

Capgemini can help no matter what stage you’re at in your brand’s digital transformation, whether you are in the planning, design, enabling, delivering, or measuring stage. Our unique blend of strategy, technology, design, and operational capabilities combined with our ability to scale to deliver efficiently, effectively, and globally enables us to grow your most precious asset: the relationship between you and your customer.


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