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Client Story

Driving successful transformation with the right technology

How an automotive infotainment leader empowered its people

Large companies are built on complex IT foundations, but technology must drive innovation, value, and strategy. In some cases, returning to first principles and investigating root causes is the best way to find a path forward. With the support of Capgemini’s ADMnext team, the company consolidated its SAP application environment for greater visibility into operations, so the business could focus on positive impact. Streamlined applications means employees can focus on value-activities and new ways of working.

“Capgemini’s overall effort established itself as a trusted technology advisor and transformation partner for the client. Together, we improved ways of working, delivered efficiencies across the organization, and produced outcomes that benefitted its business partners.”

The Application Managed Services team quickly absorbed business processes and operational set-ups, and proposed solutions to streamline configurations, ensure consistency, and meet business needs. This was the start of a successful collaboration set on exploring the potential of planning an operational future around SAP – marking yet another shift in the way of thinking.

Applications are now streamlined, with automation replacing the need for manual tasks and an endless volume of spreadsheets. Employees can now focus on fresh initiatives for generating value.

Empowering employees to resolve issues drove efficiencies across the business. This also spurred a change in mindset: it became clear that technology needs a purpose and people must know how to leverage it. Otherwise, it just creates complexity and becomes a barrier to innovation.

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