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Client Story

Transportation giant brings 20 years of legacy systems into the modern age

Client: A supply chain, transportation, and logistics company   
Region: North America
Sector: Transportation and logistics

A transportation and logistics company based in the United States, and a leader in fleet, supply chain, and transportation management, needed to future-proof its organization by updating legacy servers to ones that were technologically current. This meant migrating more than 700 web applications to new servers before the old servers were deprecated.  

New automated processes increased efficiency by more than 500 percent. Automation solutions enabled Capgemini’s work to operate 41 percent faster, ensuring that applications were migrated as efficiently as possible. In a period of 10 months, Capgemini successfully migrated 20 years’ worth of applications onto Windows 2019 servers.

The team developed tools to automatically resolve common dependency errors that the applications ran into on the Windows 2019 server. The team also developed a solution that automatically integrated Okta into all applications, removing dependencies on outdated tools.

Capgemini cataloged over 700 applications and nearly 35 data points of interest. When it was time for the company to migrate database servers, our team and documentation proved to be invaluable.

Capgemini ensured that the transportation enterprise had the technologies in place to continue to transform supply chains across the United States. The team unlocked the next generation of growth for the company, one where it can continue to steer innovation and remain at the helm of the transportation and logistics industry.

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