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Client Story

Driving superior insights and increased revenue with Microsoft Azure Synapse

Client: A technology company
Region: North America
Sector: Technology

Analysts and data scientists play a critical role in helping companies make smart decisions. But if much of their time is spent on processing data sets, their talent and potential are wasted.

This was one of the challenges faced by a technology company in North America. It needed to repair its data pipeline as it had technical debts that made activities more complex and time-consuming, so reporting and analytics activities for the global marketing team were difficult and unintuitive.

Capgemini built an environment to integrate data from the enterprise data lake with other telemetry sources for the global marketing team, unifying the data layer across operations and analytics. The solution benefitted from Capgemini’s partnership with Microsoft through early access to software and tools and the ability to provide feedback for future product enhancements.

The solution repaired the company’s disjointed data pipeline and established a robust and resilient analytics framework, delivering several improvements, including a better user experience.

Insights on the new framework allowed marketing to identify where program investment is needed to drive customer wins, prevent customer churn, and benefit from cloud usage.

The company accelerated speed-to-market by 30 percent while enabling timely business decisions for the global marketing team.

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