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Boost worker safety and efficiency with agile application development

An oil and gas company transforms its operators experience to drive safety and efficiency

Industrial operations are only viable when they are both efficient and safe. Driving productivity and worker safety, however, can be significant challenges for many large companies due to process gaps and scattered initiatives. A tailored solution is often necessary, along with guided support to ensure proper integration of new tools and technologies.

Capgemini supported an oil and gas company with a large-scale transformation program for an improved operator experience. The enterprise needed to increase worker safety and efficiency on its industrial sites but had disconnected initiatives and proofs-of-concept (PoC) with duplicated use cases, creating major inefficiencies. Capgemini helped define the organization’s governance to establish a systematic vision for a superior operating model.

Capgemini and its design team mobilized an app factory with an agile methodology to release 25 user-friendly mobile applications in more than 200 of the company’s sites around the globe. We provided support to local teams and training to operators for effective adoption. The overall effort transformed the corporation’s operator experience by increasing worker safety and productivity and achieved a reduction in production losses and decrease in Mean Time to Recovery (MTTR) measures.

Read the client story to learn more.

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