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Will the Metaverse be Part of the Future of Healthcare?

In recent times, we’ve all witnessed the transformative potential of emerging technology.

It has facilitated the continuance of our way of life. But as we begin to explore immersive experiences like AR, VR, and the Metaverse, it is clear we’ve barely scratched the surface. One of the most remarkable characteristics of this technology is its inclusivity. Whether it’s because of geographic, demographic, or physical limitations, many people have struggled to engage with traditional healthcare. That is about to change.

At Capgemini, we strive to keep our partners ahead of the curve. For our healthcare partners, this means highlighting the many benefits of emerging Web3, blockchain, and Metaverse tech. With €4.23bln invested in HealthTech start-ups in only 2021, a three-fold increase from 2020, the future of healthcare is starting to take shape.

From remote therapy and surgical training to digital-twin diagnostics, the Metaverse can achieve so much more than social networking and entertainment. It can be part of the future of healthcare.

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