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Utilities need to embrace a new era of cooperation

Harnessing distributed intelligence can help power energy transition

The grid of the future needs to build resiliency and reliability at all levels – federal, state, and community. Success requires a cooperative effort across the entire system.

With more than 3,000 utilities in North America, every state or province has its own regulations, in addition to federal ones. The opportunity for utilities is clear but, as a regulated industry, seizing it can be challenging.

A push for grid modernization requires new ways of working and collaboration. Utilities should take learnings from other industries that have embraced lean development and become more agile. Distributed Intelligence (DI) applications have the potential to support transformation to a more flexible and agile grid with less risk.

Capgemini has the industry knowledge and experience to help utilities capitalize on DI applications that can make real impact on the business.

Read Utilities need to embrace a new era of cooperation to harness the power of DI across the grid and build resiliency.

Our Expert

Jason Ames

VP Utilities
Jason Ames is a Vice President in Capgemini America’s Resources & Energy Transition business unit focusing on the utilities and renewable industries. Jason has over 20 years of experience helping companies leverage technology to solve engineering and infrastructure challenges.