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Unpacking the future of packaging

Bioplastics are poised to transform the packaging industry, but there are challenges

Packaging is a prime candidate for waste reduction – especially packaging made using traditional, petroleum-derived plastics. Fortunately, more sustainable materials are being developed that provide the benefits of traditional plastic packaging while contributing to waste reduction.

But for these more environmentally responsible alternatives to make a real, meaningful impact, companies that use packaging – and their customers – need to know these new options exist and demand they be used.

Capgemini research has determined almost 50 percent of plastic produced is for packaging. At the same time, packaging only constitutes about 10 percent of all plastics collected for recycling. That means most plastic packaging is being improperly disposed of at end of life.

Download our PoV to learn how a move to biobased polymers can address some of the challenges and lead to more sustainable options in Unpacking the future of packaging.

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