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The women who bring to life what’s next is a podcast series created and sponsored by Capgemini Invent. In this series, we explore how some of the world’s most successful women leaders transform their businesses and connect humanity with technology to make a difference in the world. Host Courtney Pace, Head of Strategy and Private Equity at frog, part of Capgemini Invent, invites our guests to take on big questions for women in leadership roles like what inspires them as leaders, how they started on their career path and got to where they are today, and what they envision as their legacy for the women coming up behind them.

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Episode 1 – Sending the elevator back down with Mical Jeanlys-White, CEO and founder of WealthMore

WealthMore CEO and founder Mical Jeanlys-White is our first guest on The women who bring to life what’s next. We’re excited to share our chat with Mical on topics like her move from leading roles in Fortune 500 companies to the startup world, maximizing your seat at the table for personal growth and empowering other women to grow, and learning to step out of your comfort zone as you manage risk in your career and in your everyday work.