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The women who bring to life what’s next is a podcast series created and sponsored by Capgemini Invent. In this series, we explore how some of the world’s most successful women leaders transform their businesses and connect humanity with technology to make a difference in the world. Host Courtney Pace, Co-Head of frog North America, part of Capgemini Invent, invites our guests to take on big questions for women in leadership roles like what inspires them as leaders, how they started on their career path and got to where they are today, and what they envision as their legacy for the women coming up behind them.

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Episode 1 – Sending the elevator back down with Mical Jeanlys-White, CEO and founder of WealthMore

WealthMore CEO and founder Mical Jeanlys-White is our first guest on The women who bring to life what’s next. We’re excited to share our chat with Mical on topics like her move from leading roles in Fortune 500 companies to the startup world, maximizing your seat at the table for personal growth and empowering other women to grow, and learning to step out of your comfort zone as you manage risk in your career and in your everyday work.

Episode 2 – Growing through transformation with Elizabeth Rector, Visa Head of Global Client Services

We’re eager to have Elizabeth Rector, Head of Global Client Services at Visa, on the podcast. Elizabeth talks to us about how shifting her career focus from sales to finance to general management with stops in non-profit along the way helped her grow her career, the interplay between technology and humans in financial services as one of the defining forces of the industry, the programs and initiatives she’s passionate about that allow girls and women to develop their career ambitions, and a lot more.

Episode 3 – The 51 percenters with Tiffany Daniele, CFO of Union Square Hospitality Group

We welcome Tiffany Daniele, CFO of Union Square Hospitality Group, to the podcast to chat about people-centric leadership and the concept of hiring 51 percenters: people who have the skills required for the role but also show strong emotional intelligence. By putting people at the center of her work, Tiffany has built a career that has allowed her to take risks, like moving into her first CFO role during the pandemic, and guide technology transformations that serve the needs of everyone in the company’s value chain, from guests to suppliers to investors. Tiffany shares her appreciation for the executive group that supported her growth in the CFO role and insights into how her experience in private equity influenced her interest and success in the hospitality world.

Episode 4 – Human leadership with Eilisa Reid, Senior Vice President, Application and Platform Services at Charter Communications

Eilisa Reid, Senior Vice President, Application and Platform Services at Charter Communications, joins the podcast for a chat about making leadership truly focused on people and their daily lives. We get into how technology and specifically platform and application infrastructures can make or break customer experience, why it’s important to understand and respond to challenges in the telco industry with a personal touch, and how to use customer data to create the best experience for every person who interacts with Charter Communications’ products and services.

Episode 5 – Creativity as a superpower in private equity with Olivia Howard, Partner at Bain Capital

The finance world is often defined by black-and-white thinking and, unfortunately, sometimes labeled as boring. Olivia Howard joins the podcast to discuss her role as Partner at Bain Capital and tell stories of how creativity is an essential part of succeeding in the private-equity space. She shares her lessons on the road to building a career in private equity, like how her summer internship with a regional theater company prepared her for future roles in the finance space, why young professionals should understand the difference between a job that sounds cool and a role that can be fun and still promote career growth, and the importance of coaching people from non-traditional finance backgrounds with direct and actionable feedback.

Episode 6 – Following the people signal with Danielle Applestone, PhD and Founder at Sqrle

Danielle Applestone, PhD and Founder at Sqrle, posed a critical question for any leader in our latest episode of The women who bring to life what’s next: “Am I CEO material?” During her journey from engineering and product expertise to the C-suite, Danielle has found insights that have helped her grow into the kind of leader we all need – compassionate, curious, and always putting people first at work. Listen to the full conversation with Danielle where we dive into the importance of understanding the “why” across different disciplines and how focusing on a shared set of values builds trust and strong relationships at work.

Episode 7 – Technology and development: The glass is half full with Stephanie von Friedeburg, Managing Director, Banking and Capital Markets Advisory at Citi

Stephanie von Friedeburg, Managing Director of Banking and Capital Markets Advisory at Citi, shares adventures from her global career that includes the non-linear progression of climbing the career jungle gym, maximizing the relationships between finance institutions and private-sector banks, and finding and promoting mentorship within male-dominated spaces.

Episode 8 – Becoming a story seeker with Salma Hasan Ali, Principal, SHA Storytelling Consulting and Chief Inspiration Officer at KindWorks

How often do we stop to consider how stories can change the world? Through her storytelling, Salma Hasan Ali, Principal at SHA Storytelling Consulting and Chief Inspiration Officer at KindWorks, is bringing understanding to how powerful stories can be, and how sharing our stories and getting to know each other better can have a profound impact, especially in today’s polarized world. Salma joins the podcast to share her experiences as a story seeker: a person who gently uncovers the ordinary stories that make our life extraordinary.

Tune in for this chat on Salma’s intersection of experiences in international affairs, business, and writing along with her personal journey of making a new home in the US after leaving Pakistan with her family, and how that inspired her to equip others with the courage and panache to tell their own stories.

Episode 9 – Being yourself is the key to authentic leadership with Renu Navale, Vice President & General Manager of Edge & IoT for Cities at Intel

With nearly 20 years at Intel, Renu Navale, Vice President & General Manager of Edge & IoT for Cities at Intel, brings to the podcast her perspectives where she built brand-new programs around emerging technologies in edge computing and smart cities. She also focused on how to bring the people in the organization along on the transformation journey and teach them to become comfortable with risk, why livability is an essential part of smart cities technology innovation, and the power of women sponsoring each other as they grow their careers in the software engineering industry.

Season 2

An introduction to Season Two of the podcast series with highlights from Season One.

Episode 1 – Look to your past to pave the foundation of the future with Jessica Leitch & Courtney Pace, Co-leads of frog North America

To kick off a brand new season of the podcast, our guest host Francois-Xavier Reodo, Chief Marketing Officer at Capgemini Invent North America, welcomes Jessica Leitch and Courtney Pace, co-leaders of frog North America. From playing water polo growing up to living in Paris, they each share the unique life experiences and career journeys that have helped shaped who they are as individuals and how they lead organizations today. They also focus on the biggest growth opportunities that design can impact and on creating an environment where employees can thrive.

Episode 2 – Mixing it up with Namrata Khare, Head of Global Applications at Kensing

On this episode, we speak with Namrata Khare, Head of Global Applications at Kensing, who has a wealth of experience from working in the public and private sectors across many industries around the world. Namrata talks to us about her decision on taking the road less traveled by going into engineering instead of medicine, how being a mom has taught her to be a better leader, and why it’s important to push ourselves out of our comfort zones and roll with the punches.