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The smallest gesture can have the greatest impact

Members of our Trichy delivery center organized a voluntary stationery collection and distribution program for girls sponsored by Capgemini’s Enlight program in India.

Most of us remember our time at school in one way of the other. But do you remember a time when you were given a new pencil or some new stationery? It’s these smallest of gestures that often become our most cherished memories from our days at school. Unfortunately, not every child is lucky to grow up have the same kind of memories.

This is exactly what our Trichy colleagues had in mind when they collaborated with the NGO Aide et Action to collect and distribute stationery to 210 girls in Trichy, as part of Capgemini and Aide et Action’s Enlight program. Focusing on the education and development of female children from economically underprivileged backgrounds, the Enlight program supports girls across India.

Organized by Trichy members of Capgemini India’s WeKare team, under the guidance of Trichy Center Head S. Harinarayanan, a list of the required stationery items was circulated within the Trichy center. Our colleagues then donated items over the course a week, with WeKare coordinators ensuring there was no duplication or any excess collection of any stationary.

All of the stationary was given out to the girls at a specially organized event at the center on July 15, 2019, attended by over 100 girls from the Enlight program and team members from the Trichy center. Members of Aide et Action also briefed the children and staff on activities they are currently working on in Trichy, and how Capgemini is transforming the lives of the children through the Enlight program.

Although the value of the stationary amounted to just over 65,000 Indian rupees (about €820), the benefit to these students on their education journey is priceless.

About Enlight

As a part of Capgemini’s Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (CR&S) commitment, the Enlight program supports over 2,000 female children from disadvantaged background.

Enlight engages with girls that face deprivation and other forms of barriers and challenges. With little or no support, these children have developed low self-esteem, confidence, and morale – and rarely dare to dream of a better life. One of the most important elements of the Enlight program is to build a bond between these girls and our employees through mentoring.

About WeKare

WeKare is a CR&S initiative for the associates of Capgemini India. The focus of this initiative is to make a difference in the lives of the people who are less privileged. The sole intent of this initiative – giving back to the society – is not guided by any business motive.

Under the WeKare banner we have a partnership with 30+ organizations working in the areas of Education, Environment and Employment. We help these organizations in many ways – funding, volunteering, marketing, creating websites, articles, blogs, newsletters etc. We carry out these activities in all the seven locations across India.

Balakrishnan Perumal is responsible for creating a culture of continuous improvement culture across Business Services engagement by fostering the Six Sigma methodology. He reports monthly delivery excellence progress against targets to engagement stakeholders. Balakrishnan is also the single point of contact for WeKare activities in Trichy.

C, Muthukumar is responsible for performing concurrent audit services for all Capgemini FAO engagements within the purchase-to-pay (P2P) and order-to-cash (O2C) space. He also manages a team of 30 people and is an active participant in all WeKare activities.